Easy Egg Poacher Recipes

Easy egg poacher recipes make breakfast healthy and fun. So how do you poach eggs? That is the question, but the answer is more than just one way. In fact, there are multiple methods to poaching eggs. If you have been with me for any length of time here on Just the Woods then you know how important eating healthy and clean is to me. And I love being able to share these tips, tricks, and healthy recipes for how to make poached eggs with you.

What is it about poached eggs that is so appealing? For one, when cooked properly they are the perfect combination of firm whites with creamy yolks. Poached eggs are a part of so many delicious egg recipes, like eggs Benedict or poached eggs over avocado toast. 

Whether you are looking for how to poach an egg in a poacher, how to use an egg poacher pan, or simply how long to poach an egg, I’ve compiled all the tips and tricks for poaching eggs right here all in one place, for you.

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To make a the best poached eggs you will always get the best results with fresh organic ingredients. These healthy poached egg recipes are all gluten-free and dairy-free, made with organic, pasture raised eggs, and the breads are grain free. But you are welcome to make adjustments to suit your personal preference.

Delicious Easy Poached Eggs

Poached eggs are traditionally cooked in a water bath of simmering water. The hot water slowly cooks the eggs leaving a runny yolk with cooked egg whites. The perfect poached egg, no matter which method is used comes down to timing.

Figuring out how long to poach an egg is the key to knowing how to make poached eggs. The results of your poached eggs can change within just a matter of seconds. With a little practice, and maybe a few helpful tools you can make the best poached eggs that you will love.

Helpful Tools: Egg Poacher Cups

Poaching eggs has come a long way. Of course, you can always use the traditional method of poaching in simmering water. But in case you’d like some assistance here are a few things that can make your egg poaching experience a little easier:

egg poacher pans and cups

How to Poach Eggs in a Microwave with Microwave Egg Poacher Instructions

If you have a microwave you can poach eggs. These helpful tips show you how to use a microwave egg poacher, and a few different ways to make easy poached eggs in a microwave.

poached eggs on avocado toast

How to Poach Eggs Using an Egg Poacher

These helpful poached egg recipes either use an egg poacher pan or egg poacher cups to make the process seamless. Check them out and decide for yourself which is the method for you:

how to make poached eggs using an egg poacher

Egg Poacher Recipes

No matter how you make your poached eggs, here are a few ideas and poached egg recipes for how to serve them and what to serve them with:

egg poacher recipes

Egg Poaching Tools for How to Make Poached Eggs

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When making poached eggs you can always use a little help. Here are a few things that may make your egg poaching a little easier:

Eggs are a great option for breakfast, to mid day snack. Adding eggs to your day is one step towards making healthy choices. Sign up for my 10 Tips of Things You can Do Today to Improve Your Health.

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