3 Fence Transformations That’ll Inspire Your Next Outdoor Project

3 Fence Transformations That’ll Inspire Your Next Outdoor Project

Before: Phils fence was unsightly and a safety hazard.

Q: What was the vision for your project?

A: I decided I wanted to move to Australia this year.

The fence started falling apart a couple of years ago, and I had it on the backburner. So, when I decided to fix up a few things in the house to prepare it for new tenants, this was one of the first things I chose to get done.

Two things stood out; it looked unsightly from the other side, as the timber was rotting; and I wanted to improve its safety for kids.

So, I was looking for something sturdy. I just needed a good solid fence. As you can see, I haven’t even painted it yet.

Q: What did you look for in a tradie?

A: I was looking for a good price and a quality finish.

When communicating with them, I got a bit of a feel for how easy it might be. From there, they came to quote.

I ended up with three quotes in the end. One was too expensive for me, and the other two, I could have gone either way. I ended up just choosing one I had a slightly better feel for: Essential Homes Construction.

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