4 Cost-Effective Steps to Boost Your Home’s Value

A decluttered interior creates a sense of space and relaxation just like in this Project Story

2. Internal appeal

Interior presentation improves your home’s value by providing a sense of comfort, relaxation and spaciousness.

Decluttering can help make your home feel more luxurious, and can improve the overall experience of being indoors for you, guests, tenants or prospective buyers.

If you have a limited budget and want to make an impact without altering the structural layout of your home, it’s great to start with focussing on the cosmetic elements of your home.

Jobs: Decluttering, cleaning, repainting walls, ceilings, doors, window frames and skirtings, flooring or carpet maintenance, replacing lighting and fixtures, tiling, and interior decorating.

Trades: Painters, decorators, handymen, carpenters, carpet layers, flooring experts, cleaners, curtain and blind professionals, tilers, movers and removalists, and interior designers.

Budget: $-$$

What to ask yourself:

  • Are my hallways or living areas cluttered?
  • Is my wall paint or wallpaper bubbling or chipping?
  • Are my carpets and flooring in poor condition?
  • Is there enough storage space in my home?
  • Is the lighting in my home optimal?
  • Do my curtains need to be cleaned or rehung?

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