5 Best Selling Shaker Bedroom Sets

At the end of the day, nothing feels better than winding down in a relaxing space that feels like home. And for most of us, this period of winding down takes place in the bedroom– a place that often serves as a personal sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of daily life. As a result, choosing the right bedroom set for your space is important when making your bedroom one that promotes rest and relaxation after a long day.

To help you create your perfect space, our team offers a collection of finely crafted, high-quality, and environmentally friendly Shaker Bedroom Furniture sets. Each set resonates with the minimalist elegance that’s inherent to Shaker design, perfect for transforming your sleep space into one that aligns with your unique style. Plus, when you buy four or more pieces, we take 25% off the total price of your purchase.

1. Vermont Shaker Moon Bedroom Set

vermont shaker moon bedroom set

Crafted by passionate woodworkers who have been creating high end furniture for generations, the Vermont Shaker Moon Bedroom Set features traditional straight lines coupled with curves that remind us of, well, a crescent moon. Choose from a variety of dressers, nightstands, and of course, the Vermont Shaker Moon Bed, to create an ultra-luxurious bedroom set that brings perfect proportions and sturdy, yet elegant, construction to the bedroom.

2. American Shaker Bedroom Set

American Shaker Bedroom Set

Known for its clean lines and traditional elegance, the American Shaker Bedroom Set encapsulates the essence of traditional Shaker furniture. Each piece is handcrafted using sustainably sourced hardwood, seamlessly blending tradition with durability and reflecting the very best of Vermont craftsmanship.

3. Renfrew Shaker Bedroom Furniture Set 

Renfrew Shaker Bedroom Furniture Set

Built in Vermont using eco-friendly, sustainably harvested woods, each piece in the Renfrew Shaker Bedroom Furniture Set brings a sense of calm elegance to the bedroom. Choose from two different styles of beds, nightstands, and an 8-drawer dresser to create a high-quality set built to last a lifetime.

4. Heartwood Shaker Bedroom Furniture Set

Heartwood Shaker Bedroom Furniture Set

Handcrafted to order in Vermont, the Heartwood Shaker Bedroom Furniture Set features clean, Arts and Crafts styling that adds elegance to any bedroom. Choose from nine unique pieces in your choice of solid cherry, maple, or walnut woods with an eco-friendly oil finish that not only protects, but enhances the beauty of the wood for a set that will make your space shine.

5. Vermont Shaker Bedroom Furniture Set

Vermont Shaker Bedroom Furniture Set

With its tapered legs, clean lines, and hand selected, natural hardwoods, the Vermont Shaker Bedroom Furniture Set exemplifies simplicity and true craftsmanship. Choose from the Vermont Shaker Bed and a variety of dressers, armoire, nightstands, and even a blanket chest to create a custom set that promotes relaxation at the end of the day. Each piece is available in cherry, maple, and walnut for the natural shade that fits best with your space.

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