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This craftsman style solid wood bedroom set has a modern, contemporary flair. It’s shown here in solid, natural cherry wood (with contrasting walnut wood drawer and door pulls) but it can also be crafted in maple or walnut.

Contemporary Craftsman.
If you’re shopping for high quality solid wood bedroom sets, you’ve done a lot of research. Bedroom furniture is a big investment and one that need only be made once in a lifetime. So we’ve put together tips & advice to help make your shopping easier and ensure you get the best value for your investment dollars.

Choose an Enduring Style

You’ve narrowed your search to a bedroom set that’s made of real solid wood, so you’re looking for a quality product you’ll have forever, right? Be sure to pick a style that’s simple and enduring. That way you can change out your linens, window coverings and other textiles when you want to indulge in design trends– with no need to re-invest in furniture. Consider classic American bedroom furniture styles that have stood the test of time, like Shaker style, mission style, craftsman style and arts & crafts.
Solid Wood Bedroom Sets | American Handmade in Vermont This is an American Shaker bedroom set. Shown in natural cherry wood here, it’s also available in natural walnut and maple.

Choose Hardwood over Softwood

Hardwood wears better than softwood (like pine or hemlock) which typically has lots of knots and sap pockets. If you’re investing in high quality bedroom furniture, make sure it’s made of hardwood. We like black cherry, black walnut, hard maple and oak best. They’re top quality North American hardwoods that we know are harvested sustainably. Here are some photos and descriptions of the hardwoods we recommend.

Choose American Made over Imported Furniture

Larssen MCM Bed & Chests | Solid Wood Bedroom Sets | Vermont Woods Studios This Larssen Bedroom set is made to order by our friends Rob & Adam at Vermont Furniture Designs in Burlington, VT. It’s carefully handcrafted out of solid cherry wood (maple and walnut also available) and guaranteed for a lifetime.

American Made Furniture Will Long Outlast Imports

The bottom line here is that American made wood furniture is solidly manufactured by American workers with great attention to quality and durability. Not so with imports. Sure, imports are much cheaper than American made furniture in the short run. That’s because wages in developing countries are often less than 1/10 of American wages. And the wood used in imports is often illegal.

Think Quality, Integrity, Authenticity

In the USA, wood furniture is made from sustainably harvested wood that comes from well managed American forests. With imported furniture, the wood is typically clear cut from the world’s rapidly disappearing rainforests. Although imported furniture often carries labels that it’s made of American hardwoods like cherry, walnut, oak or maple woods, that is rarely the case. These labels are trade names used to describe woods of suspicious origin that are stained to look like familiar American woods such as cherry and walnut. If you want to feel good about your furniture, make sure it’s American made.
This Brandon-Anderws bedroom set is made by Lyndon Furniture in Lyndonville, VT. Shown in solid cherry, the set is also available in walnut, oak and maple.

Get the Best Value & Price

Top quality solid wood furniture is inherently expensive. It’s not just the wood… it’s the value of American craftsmanship you’re paying for. Transforming a tree into a dresser, a bed or a dining table takes time and talent. Many people are involved in bringing you a finished piece of furniture, from the land owner where that tree grew to the professional forester who selected the tree for harvest, to the logger to the sawyer to the timber salesperson to the craftsman who builds your bed and the shipper who delivers it to you.
We’re always working on adding value to this supply chain and I can tell you that the best way to save money is to purchase your furniture as a set. It enables an economy of scale in all those links in the chain between the forest and your home.
Astrid MCM Bedroom Set | Handcrafted in VT by Copeland Furniture This walnut Astrid bedroom set is made in Bradford, VT by Copeland Furniture. Available in solid walnut, cherry and maple wood with a lifetime guarantee & free shipping/setup.

#BetterThanBlackFriday Pricing

We’re hoping this savings will help you make the decision to purchase American made furniture that your family will enjoy with pride for generations. Check out the many new solid wood bedroom sets in our online store. They’re priced with our best discounts & lowest prices so there’s no need to wait for Black Friday sales. Enjoy great values on best selling, high quality handcrafted, real solid wood dressers, chests, armoires, night stands and mirrors arranged in fine furniture sets today and save. Each set is carefully handcrafted in Vermont & guaranteed for a lifetime of service.

Make Sure it’s Sustainable for Your Wallet, the Planet, and the Local Economy

Our solid wood bedroom sets are built with eco-friendly timber, making them the smart choice for your home and for the environment. An additional benefit is that by purchasing furniture from VWS, you are supporting a local economy and supporting American workers rather than sending your dollars overseas. Our furniture is truly all American, as it’s not only built in the United States, but it is also made with timber from sustainably harvested North American hardwoods. You’ll be keeping the money at home, while you fill your home with furniture you’ll love.
Shop now, or call us at (802) 579-1302 with your questions & customization requests.

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