6 Important Factors while Choosing Designer Dining Chairs

When talking about the dining room, it’s important to have the right choice of dining chairs to add glamor to your dining room space. And, if buying dining chairs is your plan, then consider picking the most suitable one from a range of qualities, styles, fabrics, and brands of Cherrypick.

Here are 6 factors to consider while picking premium dining chairs;

Measure the size and space around your dining room to determine the kind of dining chair you want to buy and the number of chairs you can accommodate. Figure out the height of your dining table to buy the dining chair to go well with it.

Determine whether you need dining chairs with armrests or not. Depending on the space and decoration of your dining room, you can select from the armchairs or armless chairs. The main advantage of the armless dining chair is that it takes relatively less space than an armchair both visually and in the actual area. On the other hand, armchairs are more comfortable than armless ones as in the former a sitter can conveniently rest their arms. If you have older people in your family, an armchair is the best option as it helps them to relax while dining. Keep in mind who will usually sit and dine at your dining space while deciding whether your dining chairs should be with arms or armless.

Before you pick your dining chair, consider the style you want to go for. First, decide whether you want your chair to have a formal or informal look. You can choose from the open back or solid back chairs according to your requirements. Solid back chairs are available in materials like metal, wood, and acrylic. Also, carefully observe the angles of the back, legs, arms, and seats of your chair to determine what suits the space around your table. An open-style chair can be apt for a smaller space while a larger space may call for chairs with a more well-defined shape.

Before buying a dining chair, sit on it and check if the seat feels comfortable and wide enough. Also, see how the back of your chair feels when you lean your back against it and if the seat is too high or too low. If the seat is upholstered make sure there is enough padding so that you do not feel the frame. Make it a point to purchase a chair that makes you feel most comfortable when you sit on it.

Your dining chair should be made up of a suitable material as it determines the look and feel of your chair. Metal like wrought iron is a great option for chairs as it can withstand extreme weather conditions and does not wear out easily. You can pair a wooden table with a wrought iron chair for contrast. Acrylic fabric chairs having the look of glass can look good in a modern or small space. A wooden chair is versatile, and resilient and comes with a variety of finishes and styles. You can even go for an upholstered dining chair as it looks very elegant with comfortable padded seats. Rattan or wicker chairs are known to add a chic look to your dining room while providing both texture and style. You can also buy a dining chair that is made with mixed materials.

While looking for dining chairs always judge their quality. Examine if the chair is structurally solid by moving or jiggling it around. Make sure that the legs, arms, or back do not sway and that the seat is comfortable enough. If the chair has a wooden seat then it should be a single piece and not made of several pieces being glued together. Move your hand on the surface of your chair and see if it feels smooth throughout without any splintering or tear. If you decide to buy a vintage or antique chair check if it is strongly built and can be tilted on the back legs. Also, observe if it can support the weight of an adult without any obstruction.

So are you planning to shop for your beautiful dining space soon? Follow the above tips to select the best designer dining chairs from Cherry Pick India. With comfortable and luxurious dining chairs, your mealtimes with your guests will surely be all the more inviting. Show off your point of pride to your guests and visitors during your next dinner party!

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