9 Top Trends in Kitchen Countertop Design In 2024

9 Top Trends in Kitchen Countertop Design In 2024

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White quartz countertop with a smooth finish for this beautiful kitchen.

The countertop is an essential component of the kitchen. It is where all the  action takes place. But more than that, the countertop is the foundation of kitchen décor when doing a kitchen renovation. It bares the burden of setting the tone and feel of the space.

Seeing its importance in kitchen décor, it matters a lot what material, finish and design you choose for your countertop. We have put together the hottest countertop trends for 2024 that will give you ideas for your own kitchen. As you would expect, these trends focus heavily on color and material choices. Spoiler alert: quartz is still king of kitchen countertops.

Trend #1. Quartz is Here to Stay

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White quartz countertop with grey movement throughout.

Quartz was introduced as a high-end alternative to granite, check out our granite vs quartz article.  Granite a natural rock, has for years dominated the countertop scene especially for homeowners who want something strong, durable and good looking. But it has a downside–it is porous. This means that liquids like water, wine, and oils can seep through the surface causing staining. Even worse, it encourages the breeding of dangerous bacteria that could leave your countertop unsanitary.

The porous issue can be resolved by sealing the granite surface with a non-porous sealant. But the sealant wears off with time & wear, so the countertop has to be resealed throughout its lifetime.

Quartz, on the other hand, is non-porous and does not have to go through regular re-sealing. This means it is highly resistant against staining and is one of the most hygienic countertop options for homeowners. Add to that the fact that quartz is extremely strong, making it super durable and you can see why this low maintenance material is not going anywhere soon as the countertop material of choice for many homeowners.

Quartz now comes in many colors, patterns, and finishing techniques that mimic’s the look of natural stone. One of the most current and trending finishes right now is matte. In 2024, Quartz manufacturers will continue to impress us with manufacturing improvements to keep this countertops option king. Not just for this year, but for quite some time to come.

Trend #2.  Honed vs. Polished

top-trends-in-kitchen-countertop-design-sebring-design-buildJenni Leasia Interior Design

Contemporary white kitchen with black accents.

Since we have been experiencing a design movement using more textured and tactile surfaces, why not consider it in countertops too. Honed and leather surfaces are the most common and can be applied to many different materials, such as granite, marble, and quartz.  Even though polished is still the most popular, there are advantages to these two others.

Honed finish is a matte finish with little to no shine.  The overall look will vary depending on the stone type, but it should have a low sheen and a smooth surface.  Honed finishes work well with marble, since its lack of shine conceals any flaws or scratch marks more readily.

Leathered finish is a newer style of treatment that has become more popular in recent years.  It has a soft sheen, that is less glossy from a polished slab, and to the touch has a different feel.  The leather finish retains the stone’s natural color giving it a more sophisticated look than honed. It also hides fingerprints and water spots remarkable well, which is very appealing to many.

These are just a few finishes to consider when choosing a countertop.

Trend #3. Countertops With Character – Veining and Patterns Get Popular

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Smooth and silk-like veining brings character and style.

Homeowners are seeking a bit more character in their countertops. Thankfully, technology is there to offer creative solutions. Today, countertops come in a wide variety of patterns unlike the plain styles of years past.  Say goodbye to the round particulates of countertops past and hello to realistic veining.

Materials like quartz are being designed to resemble slabs of natural stone, like granite & marble. This involves creating veins in interesting patterns swirled into the countertop slabs. This added boost to your creative personality in your kitchen will wow.  Want something even more realistic; then no need for a polished piece–honed and leathered finishes have the durability needed for the kitchen but have a drastically different look in the space.

These varied finishes make for an interesting matchup with other kitchen elements including the flooring, walls, cabinetry, and backsplash. It also adds a twist to your cooking, creating a nice visual background for the multitude of kitchen activities.

Trend #4. Kitchen Sink Styles To Get Excited About

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Slate undermount apron front sink.

The countertop is getting the modern treatment and the sinks are not being left behind. Last year home owners couldn’t get enough of integrated sinks, however, those days are behind us. 2024 is bringing different finishing’s, sizes, and styles to kitchen sinks and we’re super excited about it. This year we’re seeing matte black sinks and sink fixtures as well as gold and brass colors take over. These finishes stray away from your typical silver metal sinks. These are also popular faucet color choices for 2024 bathroom trends!

Oversized sinks are also gaining popularity this year. This is great in terms of functionality. Oversized sinks pair lovely with an oversized fridge! As the kitchen area continues to expand in area and accessibility, it only makes sense that it’s appliances do as well. Elegant and modern styles of sinks are also coming in hot this year and will be highly sought after. Expect to see all these types of sinks as part of 2024 kitchen countertop trends.

Trend #5. Thicker Countertops


Thicker countertops in interior design underscores a shift towards bolder and more substantial kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

This design choice involves opting for countertops with increased thickness, typically ranging from 2 to 3 inches or more, compared to the standard 1¼ to 1½ inch thickness. Thicker countertops, whether crafted from granite, quartz, marble, or other materials, offer a more robust and prominent appearance, elevating the visual impact of the space. Their enhanced depth not only provides a sense of luxury and solidity but also allows for more pronounced edge profiles, adding an architectural detail that contributes to the overall aesthetic of the room.

This represents a desire for statement-making surfaces that serve as focal points within kitchens and bathrooms. These countertops exude a sense of opulence and sophistication while showcasing the material’s natural beauty and veining patterns. The increased thickness allows for more creativity in edge profiles, enabling homeowners to personalize their spaces with unique and eye-catching design elements. Additionally, thicker countertops create a substantial and durable surface that not only enhances the visual appeal but also conveys a sense of quality and permanence within the room.

Trend #6. Flowy/Movement In The Pattern

McCoy Mart

Incorporating flowy or movement-based patterns in interior design signifies a departure from static and rigid designs, embracing dynamic and fluid visual elements.

These patterns, often seen in wallpapers, textiles, rugs, and even in certain types of flooring, feature organic curves, swirling motifs, or rhythmic lines that evoke a sense of movement and energy within a space. By introducing these flowy patterns, interiors gain a sense of dynamism and visual interest, creating an illusion of movement that adds depth and vitality to the room. The incorporation of flowing patterns allows for a more relaxed and harmonious environment, as these designs mimic natural forms and evoke a sense of tranquility and ease.

Flowy or movement-based patterns in design emphasizes the desire to infuse spaces with a sense of liveliness and fluidity. These patterns break away from static geometric shapes, introducing a more organic and free-flowing aesthetic that encourages a sense of rhythm and motion within interiors. Whether through gentle curves, sweeping lines, or abstract motifs, these designs create a sense of visual intrigue, engaging occupants and enlivening the ambiance of the room, ultimately contributing to a more inviting and harmonious living environment.

Trend #7. Floating Shelf Using Countertop Material


Incorporating floating shelves made from countertop materials introduces a seamless and harmonious design element within kitchens and other living spaces.

Utilizing the same material as the countertops, these floating shelves offer a cohesive and integrated look that extends the aesthetic of the countertops upward, enhancing continuity and visual flow in the room. Whether fashioned from granite, quartz, marble, or other durable surfaces, these shelves provide both functional storage and a striking design feature, creating a sleek and unified appearance while showcasing the beauty and texture of the chosen countertop material.

Floating shelves using countertop material signifies a contemporary approach to interior design, allowing for a harmonized and coordinated space while maximizing storage and display options. These shelves serve as a practical and stylish solution, adding depth and sophistication to the room by extending the visual impact of the countertops. By integrating the same material from countertops into floating shelves, homeowners can achieve a seamless and unified aesthetic, promoting cohesion and elegance while maximizing both functionality and visual appeal within the space.

Trend #8. Natural Stone

Use Natural Stone

Natural stone in interior design celebrates the timeless allure and authenticity of geological materials within living spaces.

Featuring materials like marble, granite, quartzite, and travertine, this trend emphasizes the use of natural stone in various applications such as countertops, flooring, backsplashes, and accent walls. Natural stone offers an unparalleled array of textures, colors, and veining patterns, providing a sense of luxury and sophistication while adding depth and character to interiors. Whether showcased in sleek and polished finishes or in their raw, unrefined state, natural stone surfaces evoke a sense of elegance, complementing a wide range of design styles and elevating the visual appeal of any space.

Natural stone signifies a return to embracing the inherent beauty and durability of organic materials in interior design. These stone surfaces offer a unique aesthetic that ranges from bold and dramatic to subtle and serene, creating focal points within rooms and adding a touch of natural elegance. With their diverse array of colors and textures, natural stone elements bring a sense of the outdoors into interiors, fostering a connection to nature while infusing spaces with sophistication and timelessness.

Trend #9. Warmer And Darker Countertops Architectural Digest

The evolving trend in countertop design marks a departure from predominantly white surfaces, steering toward warmer and darker hues for countertops in kitchens and bathrooms.

This shift embraces tones like deep grays, rich browns, and warm charcoals, offering a departure from the starkness of white while infusing spaces with a sense of depth and richness. These warmer and darker countertop colors contribute to a more inviting atmosphere, providing a striking contrast to lighter cabinetry and creating a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic. The move towards warmer and darker countertop hues reflects a desire for bolder design choices, allowing for greater versatility in coordinating with various interior styles while adding depth and character to the overall space.

A shift towards embracing richer tones in countertop design, offering a departure from the minimalist and pristine appeal of white surfaces. The warmer and darker colors create a striking visual impact, enhancing the overall ambiance of kitchens and bathrooms. These deeper hues add an element of drama and sophistication to the room while providing a versatile backdrop that complements a range of decor styles, promoting a more inviting and personalized atmosphere within the space.


The countertop has always been a big part of kitchen décor. Through the generations, we have gone from style to style as homeowners seek the perfect look for their main cooking space. In modern times, variety is the theme of the day. Homeowners have an almost endless selection of materials, styles, sizes, and finishes to choose from.

For now, laid back countertops seem to be winning. The modern kitchen in 2024 will feature neutral colored countertops with thin “delicate” slabs and sleek integrated sinks. By all indications, it seems these trends will extend even beyond 2024.

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