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What does it mean to be a rebel? Maybe it’s all about “sticking it to The Man”, or maybe it’s about being different for the sake of being different. But when it comes to bedroom design, rebels are those who buck tradition in favor of something a little more unique… and a lot more comfortable.

The mid-century modern style is all about simplicity and functionality, which is why it’s been making a comeback in recent years. The Rebel Collection at Couch Potatoes is a deviation from the norm in bedroom design. It features mid-century modern furniture with round edges and clean lines that give your bedroom that timeless look. If you’re looking for furniture that will serve you in both comfort and style, look no further than the Rebel Collection!


Cool and Clean Bedroom Furniture

Let’s talk about the best part of mid-century modern furniture: the clean lines. This style is all about keeping things simple, and that extends to the furniture itself. The Rebel Collection features bedroom furniture with rounded edges and sleek lines that give your bedroom a cool, contemporary look. And because mid-century modern furniture is all about functionality, you can be sure that your furniture will serve you well in both comfort and style.


mid century modern bed

This is the Rebel Queen Bed, we also have a Rebel King Bed if you’d prefer more space to spread out. No plain, headboard here. It’s upholstered, tufted, and firm yet soft to the touch. Notice the rounded edges of the frame, no traditional square or rectangle shapes. It’s safer for homes that have kids running around, as at least they won’t hurt themselves on a sharp corner.

mid-century modern style


The Rebel dresser is totally radical, with its rounded edges, dark walnut finish, and gunmetal accents. The Rebel mirror is sold separately if you’d prefer the look of the singular dresser, but if you combine the two, you get a bold and beautiful vanity.

cool mid-century modern bedroom


The Rebel chest and Rebel end table maintain the dark walnut finish and gunmetal knobs. Their rounded edges and angled tapered legs give them a mid-century modern look, while their clean lines and simple design make them perfect for any rebel’s bedroom.

Something for Everyone

So if you’re looking for a deviant in bedroom design, the Rebel Collection at Couch Potatoes is the perfect place to start your search. With mid-century modern furniture that’s both comfortable and stylish, you can’t go wrong!

Come check out Couch Potatoes, located in Austin, TX.

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