Before and After: An Abandoned House Redone—With Eco Materials and Plenty of Color

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On the dreariest, palest winter days, might we suggest tuning into the work of Bradley Van Der Straeten in London? From their saturated townhouse for a creative pair to a graphic designer’s redone Victorian, the firm’s balance of refinement and play—and, most of all, their deft and downright fun way with color—earned them a spot as one of our 20 Architects and Designers to Watch in 2023.

Today we’re chronicling a third project by B-VDS: Field House in central London, where candy-colored rooms—in shades of pink, lavender, pistachio, and deep green-blues—encircle an open, modern central staircase. “Before we started construction, this beautiful building had been empty for over five years and was in need of some TLC,” reports B-VDS, which was founded by friends George Bradley and Ewald Van Der Straeten. The Georgian home is double fronted, they note, “and is locally listed due to its historical interest.”

The team stepped in to shore up the badly neglected building (scroll down for evidence of its earlier state) and do what they do best: transform the interiors into a bright, colorful, laid-back space for a young family, taking cues from the homeowner’s childhood in Spain and centering it all on a new triple-height stairwell.

Join us for a look:

“After” photography by French + Tye, courtesy of Bradley Van Der Straeten.


the home overlooks london fields and had been vacant for half a decade. importa 12
Above: The home overlooks London Fields and had been vacant for half a decade. Importantly, Bradley Van Der Straeten took an eco approach to the restoration: “From an environmental perspective, the perimeter walls have been lined with natural cork insulation that allows the solid brick walls to breathe,” they write. “The cork is also a natural sound insulant and helps absorb airborne toxins. In order to maintain the breathability of the cork wall, they have been finished with lime-based render and painted with clay based paints, which again are both toxin free.”
glass doors bring much needed brightness into the newly redone ground floor 13
Above: Glass doors bring much needed brightness into the newly redone ground floor—and connect the living spaces to the garden.

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