Beyond the Basics – A Kitchen Simply Transforms

Residing in a 1950’s brick townhouse in Norwood, The Bronx, for over a decade, this family decided to renovate the kitchen in their 1200 sq. ft. space. Years of functional and aesthetic frustrations in their kitchen, left them longing for a more inviting area to host gatherings. Their vision focused on efficient cabinetry, flooring conducive to yoga, and a centralized induction stove.

Challenges arose due to supply chain disruptions, but their contractor managed temporary solutions. The renovated space delights the family with its functional layout, easy cooking experience, and personalized touches like a whiskey rack. As first-time renovators, they urge future renovators to understand their space, needs, and trust in skilled contractors.

Elisabeth von Uhl (Lis), an adjunct professor and poet, Jay Shuffield, urban planner, Dax Shuffield, 12 year old trouble-maker ;), and their pups Monty and CoJack love their Bronx IKEA kitchen renovation. We’re thrilled to be able to share some insights behind the decision to renovate and advice for those planning a remodel

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