CITY Furniture Celebrates a Year of Achievements in 2023, Focused on Corporate Social Responsibility

CITY Furniture Celebrates a Year of Achievements in 2023, Focused on Corporate Social Responsibility

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CITY Furniture Celebrates a Year of Achievements in 2023, Focused on Corporate Social Responsibility

CITY Furniture recently announced its achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the year 2023.

“In the past year, we remained true to our Corporate Social Responsibility goals, reaching significant milestones across various initiatives,” noted Andrew Koenig, CEO of CITY Furniture. “The hard work and dedication of our team, combined with our focus on customer satisfaction and sustainability, have been crucial to our success. We are committed to positively influencing our community and the planet, and we’re excited to keep pushing forward.”


CITY Furniture’s 2040 Green Promise is their commitment to offset their carbon footprint by the year 2040. It’s a three-part journey that involves their green delivery fleet, smart facilities and large-scale recycling efforts. In 2023, CITY made significant strides toward carbon neutrality by reducing carbon emissions by an impressive 20%. This achievement was made possible through the partnership with FPL’s Solar Together Program. CITY Furniture proudly ranked as the #7 Greenest Fleet in America in 2023, building on its legacy of being recognized as the #1 Greenest Fleet in 2021. For nearly the last decade, the company has consistently placed in the top 50 Greenest Fleets, showing their continuous efforts to reduce carbon emissions on the roads of their local communities.


CITY Furniture’s 5% Giving Pledge is more than giving back 5% of their annual profits. It’s putting these words into action by giving back to the community that has allowed CITY to grow. 2023 marked a historic year of giving for CITY, highlighted by the successful mattress “Test Rest” Initiative, which raised an impressive $1.5 million. Benefiting charitable partners such as the American Heart Association and Junior Achievement, this year-long program invites customers to “Test Rest” a mattress for comfortability in their mattress gallery. For their time, CITY will donate $25 to a charitable beneficiary, plus provide their customers with a $25 gift card reward.  In the Tampa market alone, over $200,000 was donated through funds raised through “Test Rest,” leaving a profound impact in CITY’s newest trading area.


CITY Furniture achieved its highest healthcare satisfaction levels to date in 2023, with a remarkable 20% increase demonstrated in Associate surveys. CITY prioritizes the well-being of its associates and continually introduces new benefit programs to ensure their happiness and health. Emphasizing its commitment to internal growth, CITY Furniture fulfilled 90% of promotions internally and actively practices the “promote from within” philosophy to nurture the talent within the organization.

DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

Marking great progress in their commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace, CITY celebrated an increase of 17% in diverse leadership. Their dedication to encouraging collaboration from diverse backgrounds can be seen through CITY’s five Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). In 2023, CITY Furniture launched their sixth and newest ERG “CITY Heroes,” dedicated to supporting CITY Veterans and active service members. The commitment to DEI extended beyond CITY’s walls as CITY Furniture expanded its partnership with Prospera to Orlando and Urban League to new neighborhoods. This expansion ensures that the company can offer more services to support minority small businesses and more beneficiaries of their social responsibility.


As in years past, CITY continued to prioritize safety as a cornerstone of their Corporate Social Responsibility, reflecting their unwavering commitment to the well-being of their internal and external communities.  CITY Furniture achieved a remarkable feat in safety by reducing its average injury frequency rate for the last five years consecutively. This accomplishment not only beats the company’s safety goals but also underscores the effectiveness of its safety initiatives.

CITY Furniture remains dedicated to its CSR journey, with a focus on sustainability, community engagement, serving people, fostering diversity, and continuous improvement. CITY looks forward to advancing its goals and continuing to make a transformative impact in 2024 and beyond.

To download CITY’s complete 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Report and learn more about the organizational benefits of adopting socially conscious policies, please visit here: CITY Furniture CSR Report.



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