Easy Cleaning of your Fabric Sofa Furniture when Kids hopping around

How to Care for Fabric Sofa Home Guide

Kids bring life and happiness to the house but at the same time, they mess with things while playing around. Your adorable little ones often cause wear and tear to your fabric sofa sets through paints, stains and food spills. So, finding suitable pieces of furniture that are mark-resistant, easy to clean and match your room is essential. A variety of kid-friendly fabric sofas are available which help to repel stains to a great extent. Even if some debris accumulate on your living room furniture when your children hop on it with their shoes on, you can regain its brand new look by cleaning it the right way!

Ways for easy cleaning of your fabric sofa when Kids hopping around

Proper cleaning of your fabric sofa set involves taking into consideration some important factors. The factors include looking for the furniture cleaning instructions/tags that have the specific code to help you clean it using the correct method.

Most of the fabric sofa tags exhibit 5 types of cleaning codes, namely, W, S, W/S, X and WASH;

  1. W: W means you should use water-based cleaning products to clean your upholstery. You may also use a steam cleaner to get rid of stains and dirt buildup.
  2. S: S indicates you should use solvent-based cleaners and not water-based products on the fabric.
  3. S/W: S/W means you can remove the stains on your sofa with water-based or solvent-based cleaning products. Both water-based and solvent-based cleaners are safe to use on such fabric.
  4. X: If your sofa has the X code, it implies the item should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.
  5. WASH: This code means you must wash the fabric with cold water in the washing machine having a delicate cycle setting. Later tumble-dry it on a low heat setting or air-dry it.

Keep the above instructions in mind while cleaning your fabric upholstery to help it maintain its newness, color and texture for a longer time.

You can choose from a variety of child-friendly fabric sofas to enhance the aesthetics of your living or drawing-room. Some of the best fabrics you can go for are as follows:

  1. Microfiber
    There are different types of microfiber that mainly vary in texture. Some microfiber fabrics are smooth while others are denser and coarser. The fabric is made up of fibers that are even lighter than a human hair. Hence it is soft, lightweight and easy to maintain. Microfiber sofas are the most suitable choice for people who suffer from allergies because the fabric does not produce dust and lint. Microfiber usually has natural stain-resistant qualities but still, accidents happen sometimes and that can stain microfiber. In such a case you can clean it using water or an appropriate solvent. Make sure you check the instruction/tag carefully because a few types of microfiber require it to be cleaned only with a compatible solvent.
  2. Wool
    Wool or wool-blend sofas can be the perfect choice for your house with family and kids as they provide increased comfort compared to other fabrics. Though the fabric material is not much resilient it is highly durable in nature and less prone to pilling, snagging or wrinkling. The stains on wool sofas can be easily noticed and spot cleaned. The accumulated dust and dirt in the wool fabric can be vacuumed without any difficulty. You can vacuum up this natural fabric with a hand-held vacuum attachment at any time.
  3. Leather
    Leather material is known to make the sofas or love-seats very classy and elegant. The fabric is versatile, tough and hence does not wear and tear easily. Its slick surface makes cleanup convenient and once or twice a year, you can use a leather conditioner to maintain the softness and suppleness of the sofa. If your kids leave scratch marks on the leather do not worry as scuff repair solutions are there to make your sofa look good again. If the sofa gets crayons or drinks spill marks or any scuff marks from daily use, you can always clean it and restore its freshness by using the right procedure. Look for the instructions and clean accordingly to keep your leather sofa set looking gorgeous all the time!
  4. Vinyl
    Vinyl is as versatile, soft and supple as leather and has the same elegant look. However, it is cheaper than leather and hence can be bought at a much affordable price. The fabric is very convenient to clean as dirt does not attach itself much in it. You can just spray some water on it or use wiping cloth to remove stains and spills completely. Vinyl is not as comfortable and warm as microfiber but it can withstand any abuse during your kid’s playtime in the living room.
  5. Denim
    Just like a comfortable pair of jeans, the solidly built denim goes with everything. It can be used to make kid-friendly sofas as well. It is tough, durable and does not tear easily. When your children jump and play on the denim sofa, you never have to worry about it getting damaged. Moreover, denim sofas come in different colors to complement the look of your living room or kid’s playroom.

So now that you are well aware of the best types of child-friendly furniture available in the market, do not delay and  buy a fabric sofa for your beautiful house today! Buy from the best sofa store in Bangalore that has in store very stylish and reasonably priced imported sofa sets. Having the right fabric sofa will help you keep it looking new all the time as the lost charm and freshness can always be regained by easy cleaning. You no longer have to remind your kids to remove their shoes before getting on the sofa!

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