Here’s 5 Awesome Before and After Transformations

If there’s one outdoor project Kiwis love the most, it’s adding a new deck to their backyard.

And for good reason — decks look fantastic, they’re relatively affordable, plus, they add a whole new living space to relax and entertain with family and friends.

However, knowing what works for your backyard can be tricky at the start, with sorting things like the deck design, deciding on the best deck materials, and figuring out how much a deck will cost in NZ.

If you want to know what everyday Kiwis are doing with their backyards, check out this Project Story chock-full of before and after deck photos from five of our awesome homeowners.

We’ve asked them all the juicy questions to help get you in the know for your own project, like:

Let’s check out the backyard transformations!

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