It’s International Day of Forests 2023

Vermont Woods Studios is a sustainable furniture company, founded on a mission of forest conservation. To celebrate today’s International Day of Forests, I thought we’d re-visit some related blogs we’ve written over the years. Here’s a list of the Top 10:

  1. A Manifesto (where it all started)
  2. Forging a Future for Our Forests
  3. How Sustainable Forestry in the Furniture Industry Protects the Planet
  4. Climate Change & the Furniture Industry
  5. 25 Facts About Climate Change & Deforestation
  6. The Economic Impact of Sustainable Furniture
  7. Putting a Face on the Forest
  8. The Story Behind Our Sustainable Furniture Store
  9. Plant Trees with Us
  10. This Climate Change Remedy Is Proven. What Are We Waiting For?

You guessed it: we are forest conservation fanatics. Well, I see forest conservation as the #1 environmental issue of our time. Trying to use a sustainable furniture company to make that case is perhaps a stretch but it’s a challenge we’re committed to. It’s definitely been an uphill battle but on the plus side, we’re filling the world with gorgeous, Vermont made furniture that will live forever. It will serve as a constant reminder of how each one of us can do our own small part to conserve our planet’s forests. Here’s to the trees!

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