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Mid-Century Modern design has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity in recent years, and one collection that captures the essence of this beloved aesthetic is the Wallace Collection from Couch Potatoes furniture store. With its retro charm, elegant arms, and individually-crafted wooden tapered legs, the Wallace Collection is a Mid-Century lover’s dream.

As Aisha Sultan writes in her blog about the resurgence of mid-century modern furniture, “Its sleek, minimalist, clean and curved lines give it an enduring beauty, while its layered identities speak to the ethos of the era. It reflects a design style that carries across architecture, furniture and art.” The Wallace Collection, above all else, is timeless, and carries across different interior design styles. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at this mid-century modern collection, its history, and why it remains a favorite among furniture lovers today.

How the Wallace Got Its Name

The story of how the Wallace got its name is about as simple as its shape. While most of our collections are named after locations in Austin, Texas, the Wallace predates our naming patterns. Originally, co-owner of Couch Potatoes, Dan, made the collection for a friend and wanted to name it after him. He accidentally named the file for the Wallace Collection after his friend’s last name rather than his first name. The last name stuck, so everyone agreed to keep it as is. 

affordable mid-century modern couch

Hand-sewn Tufted Buttons

The Wallace Collection is defined by its hand-sewn tufted buttons, which radiate a retro charm that echoes off the elegant arms and tapered wooden legs. The tufted buttons are an iconic feature of Mid-Century Modern design, and they add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the collection. 

mid-century modern loveseat with tufted cushions

However, there is also the option to have the Wallace untufted. The untufted Wallace gives off a different sense of charm. A simple, sleek style that is smooth and uncomplicated to the touch. 

mid-century modern loveseat


Individually-Crafted Wooden Tapered Legs

The wooden tapered legs of the Wallace Collection are individually crafted and add a touch of warmth and natural beauty to the collection. The legs are slightly angled, which gives the collection a sense of dynamism and movement. They are also sturdy and provide excellent support for the collection’s comfortable cushions.


mid-century modern armchair for my living room
While several of our collections feature the tapered leg design, there is just a certain way that the Wallace Collection pulls it off. Take the Wallace Armchair, with any other legs it would look either too simple, or too complicated. Like it’s trying to be something it’s not, and that’s not what this mid-century modern collection is about. The Wallace Collection know exactly what it is, and that’s what is so fascinating about it. 


One of the unique features of the Wallace Collection is its versatility. The Wallace Collection is able to work with a variety of design styles. Whether you prefer mid-century modern, traditional, or eclectic design, the Wallace Collection can fit seamlessly into your home.

eclectic mid-century modern couch
There is nothing more versatile than our Wallace Reversible Chaise Sofa. You can move the reversible ottoman to either side of your sofa to make a chaise on the right or left side.

Also, in our fabric, Superb Hacienda, you can see how the Wallace is able to slip into different styles. The collection’s versatility and timeless design have made it a customer favorite for years. 

Customization Options

In addition to its timeless design and expert craftsmanship, the Wallace Collection also offers customization options. Couch Potatoes furniture store offers a wide selection of fabric and leather options, so you can create a piece of furniture that is tailored to your exact specifications.

mid-century modern leather sofa


You can choose the perfect color and texture to match your home décor, ensuring that your Wallace Collection piece is not only beautiful but also uniquely yours.


Final Thoughts

The Wallace Collection from Couch Potatoes furniture store is a Mid-Century lover’s dream. With its hand-sewn tufted buttons, elegant arms, and individually-crafted wooden tapered legs, the collection captures the essence of this beloved aesthetic. Made in Austin and available in a variety of customization options, the Wallace Collection is a testament to the quality and talent that can be found in the local community. It’s no wonder that the collection has been a best-seller for years, and we expect it to remain a favorite among furniture lovers for many years to come.

The Wallace Collection is on display at both of our showrooms located in Central and South Austin, Texas. If it has grabbed your attention, pay us a visit and let one of our down-to-each sales specialist help you find the piece in the Wallace Collection that is right for your home.

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