Online extras from FWW issue #309

Online extras from FWW issue #309

Design discussion

In this video, furniture maker Evan Court (p. 62) breaks down his design process, showing you the steps he takes as he brings an idea to life.

Curved panels

In this article, David Haig not only covers how he makes the kerfed, curved, tapered panels of his furniture but also how he covers the edges to hide the kerfing cuts.

File away

Right-click here to download the zip file containing DXF files

Len Cullum has the blanks for his tansu hardware (p. 72) cut with a water jet. Thankfully, he shared his files with us so you can send them to a fabricator and do the same.

Table to match

Coming 2/15

Asa Christiana designed a simple side table to accompany his chair (p. 30), assembled in much the same way.

Practice, then carve

Coming 2/16

Drawing the acanthus leaf (p. 44) helps you practice the leaf before putting a gouge to wood. In this blog, Mary May teaches you how to do it.

Video Workshop: Replicating a legend’s side chair

Dan Faia painstakingly documents and builds a replica of a Queen Anne chair made in the 1980s by one of his mentors, Phil Lowe. In this series, you’ll learn how to:

  • Extract information from a museum piece and create exacting full-size plans
  • Create strong mortise-and-tenon joinery on a complex form
  • Shape cabriole legs accurately and repeatably

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