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Looking for a sofa that can grow and change with your needs? Look no further than the Fluffy Collection! This modular furniture line offers endless possibilities, letting you choose from individual module pieces to create the perfect sofa or sectional for your home. With TONS of different fabrics to choose from, including stain-resistant options, it’s easy to find the perfect configuration for your lifestyle. So fluffy, so soft, and so customizable – what’s not to love? Let’s talk about what makes the Fluffy Collection a must-have for any home.



The Fluffy Collection offers three different pieces, each one designed to work together like a puzzle. You can assemble and reassemble the pieces in whatever configuration works best for your space, allowing you to make the most out of any room. Whether it’s a small apartment or a sprawling living room, these modular sofas offer the perfect combination of comfort and style.


Fun Facts of the Fluffy

  • The Fluffy has our plushest cushions (so far).
  • It is a much more affordable dupe of Restoration Hardware’s famous Cloud Couch.
  • It is available only in our many fabric options, but not leather. Plush cushions combined with leather upholstery is a recipe for a sweaty sinkhole.


The Fluffy Armless Chair

The Fluffy Armless Chair is the perfect building block for your fluffy sofa. This wide seat is great for lounging and can be used as a standalone piece or combined with other fluffy modules to create a chaise lounge, loveseat, or sectional. 

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The Fluffy Corner Wedge

The Fluffy Corner Wedge offers just the right amount of corner seating while also letting you connect multiple fluffy pieces together. Whether it’s connected to an armless chair or another wedge, this piece can be used to create the perfect shape for your space. You can also use it for a chair if you’d like a little piece of fluffy heaven all to yourself.

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The Fluffy Ottoman

Finally, the Fluffy Ottoman is a great way to finish off your fluffy sectional. This comfortable piece offers an extra seat while adding style and accenting your room’s decor. It can also be used as a makeshift footrest or coffee table if you need it!

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Having Fun with the Fluffy Collection

This is the Fluffy 3-piece Sofa, comprised of two corner wedges and an armless chair. As you can see, it can be arranged according to your needs. Create a sofa chaise, turn the couch vertically, arrange the pieces into an triangle – it’s all up to you! With so many fabric options, you can customize your fluffy sofa to fit any style.

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If you’re looking to save as much money as possible, but still want to bask in the Fluffy’s glory, then take a look at the Fluffy 2-piece with ottoman. You can even ditch the ottoman if you want a simple Fluffy loveseat, but the ottoman does add a fun piece to create different arrangements.

Frame 1 of

This is the Fluffy 4-piece with ottoman. As you can see, this is a good-sized sofa for most living rooms, and the ottoman can be shifted around for more space to spread out and get comfortable. Even if you decide not to include the ottoman, you will have a nice L-shaped sectional to mix and match the individual modules to create your perfect configuration.

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Now this is a great sectional if you have a lot of space in your home. Fluffy 3 Piece Sofa W/Double Ottoman is comprised of three armless chairs and two corner wedges. Imagine throwing an ottoman into the middle and just making one, vast unit for the best movie nights of your lives. 

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These are sofas and sectionals you can buy at Couch Potatoes, but you can decide which individual modules you want to buy to create your dream Fluffy sofa. With our many different fabrics available, you can create your dream fluffy sofa or sectional that perfectly fits into any space in your home.


What’s Not to Love?

The Fluffy Collection is perfect for those looking for a furniture piece that is both stylish and well-constructed. With its modular design and fabric options, this sofa collection can be customized to fit any living space. Plus, with stain-resistant fabrics available, the Fluffy Collection is great for those with kids or pets. Don’t wait – visit Couch Potatoes today and explore our best-selling fluffy sofas! You won’t be disappointed.

Couch Potatoes has two locations in Austin, Texas. We have one store in Central and South, Austin. Don’t live near one of our stores? Check out our website for easy shopping. We hope to see you there!

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