Quick Takes With: Designer Sophie Rowell

Quick Takes With: Designer Sophie Rowell

Quick Takes With: Designer Sophie Rowell

Fan first spotted the riotous, joyful work of Kent, England-based designer Sophie Rowell, and that first-ever introduction is so bang on we’re just going to copy and paste it here:

“Côte de Folk founder Sophie Rowell moonlights as a campanologist,” Fan wrote. “Let me save you from having to Google the term and tell you now that a campanologist is one who rings church bells. It may seem like an odd side gig for a fashion stylist-turned-interior designer, but one peek at her projects and it makes sense: Sophie makes homes sing.”

I believe your environment has a huge impact on your day-to-day wellbeing,” Sophie tells us. “We pride ourselves on always striving to reuse, repurpose, and restore wherever possible.”

Today, Sophie takes a break from projects across the globe—including two houses “that haven’t been touched for 20+ years—such a gift”—to share her best kitchen swap, spicy design opinion, and her (perhaps surprising) source of cinematic inspiration:

You’re invited to dinner. What’s your go-to gift?

Fresh flowers with wine or champagne.

What’s on your bedside table?

My Studio Duggan lamp, always fresh flowers, a ‘luscious pea’ scented candle by Loewe, and a miniature Empire State Building given to me by my partner.

What podcast or playlist do you put on when you need inspiration?

School of Greatness with Lewis Howes.

pattern on pattern in a sophie bedroom. 28
Above: Pattern on pattern in a Sophie bedroom.

What’s a film or TV show whose aesthetic has stuck with you?

All the mafia movies of the ’80s and ’90s, from plush mansions to Nonna’s little Italian-style kitchen.

Which Instagram account do you go to for design inspiration?

Oooo, tough question. So many, but @palefire_studio always has great ‘studio sourcebook’ posts.

What has been your best house upgrade?

I think taking away the ceiling in my bedroom and vaulting it up into the roof. That and getting rid of my all-white kitchen and swapping it out for delicious aubergine and lilac cabinets.

My favorite paint color for the bedroom is…

Rose Uniacke’s Champagne.

My unpopular design opinion is…

Open-plan living is overrated. Bring back individual rooms with character, each with their own purpose.

all white no more: sophie&#8\2\17;s &#8\2\20;delicious&#8\2\2\1; li 29
Above: All-white no more: Sophie’s “delicious” lilac kitchen.

My go-to kitchen utensil is…

Small antique chopping boards. I have too many to mention.

Three words that describe my design style:

Thoughtful, innovative, sustainable.

What item from your closet do you have on repeat?

My Marfa Stance parachute parka—especially as summer is still yet to make an appearance here in the UK!

still a favorite: all over wallpaper from before & after: a soulless apartm 30
Above: Still a favorite: all-over wallpaper from Before & After: A Soulless Apartment Gets the ‘More Is More’ Treatment. Photography by Kane Hulse, courtesy of Côte de Folk.

Favorite design shop to visit (online or in person)?

Merci in Paris.

What is the last thing you purchased for your house?

A Beata Heuman Moon Light.

I don’t leave the house without…

Keys, water, phone, my dog Tippi, and lip balm.

Thanks, Sophie! She adds that she works the world over: “We offer remote interior design options, and this has worked for our US clients really well; from Iowa to Massachusetts we have worked on single rooms to whole houses in this way.” Follow Sophie’s work @cotedefolk on Instagram and via cotedefolk.com

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