Retro Kohler Triton Bowe kitchen sink faucet – love the look

Kohler Triton Bowe kitchen faucet (various configurations available)

Here’s a retro kitchen faucet that may be just the thing for your 1950s (ish) kitchen: The Kohler Triton Bowe. I really love the look of this faucet — a terrific new design to add to our list of mid century and vintage kitchen faucet options.

Kohler Triton Bowe faucet (various configurations available)

There are several versions of this faucet available. The ones I like are deck-mounted with that groovy swing spout. You can get it with or without the deck plate thingie. Kohler told me it came out about two years ago — I’m glad I finally discovered it!

As is often the case with retro design products, the Triton Bowe lineup is part of Kohler’s commercial line. But anyone can buy it, including on Amazon:

Why I like this faucet

Why I like this faucet: While Kohler says it’s “defined by a sleek, contemporary curved profile” … I say, ‘what’s old is new again’ — because the hexagonal styling cues — on the deckplate, escutcheons, and swing spout — all seem to me to come straight from the 1950s.

kohler delafield kitchen sinkkohler delafield kitchen sink
Kohler Delafield kitchen sink with metal (hudee) rim

Add it to your Kohler Delafield sink — the one with the metal rim (affiliate links) — and you are good to go (back to the future!)

It comes in polished chrome — ya gotta have polished chrome!

One thing to think about

The snazzy swing spout on this faucet is “only” 8 inches, which may give pause to some. As a comparison, the standard Dishmaster swing spout is 8″, but you can size up another 2″ as an option. Personally, this would not be a job-stopper for me, although having a side sprayer would be a good addition for rinsing.

There are bathroom faucets, too. I’ll show them in a separate story so that I can archive the option in the proper category.

Many thanks to Kohler for the photos. Terrific faucet!

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