Spring 2024 – Three innovative products to look out for

Wall-mounted cyclone great for small shops

Rockler’s newest cyclone packs two-stage efficiency and state-of-the art filtration into a space-saving wall unit (Dust Right Wall-Mount HEPA Cyclone Dust Collector, $1,700). The 11⁄2-hp motor plugs into a 110-volt outlet, but generates 1250 cfm of suction, meaning it can pull dust and chips from the other side of the shop. The two-stage cyclone system will capture the vast majority of that material in an easy-to-empty drum—before it has a chance to clog the very fine, HEPA-rated filter. Buy it at

Dust Right Wall-Mount HEPA Cyclone Dust Collector


Woodcraft's magnet-based attachment system called MagfittMagnetic system makes it easy to move a dust hose

Many of us have to switch dust hoses from one tool to another. The usual solution is a press-fit connection at floor level, which requires some force and fussing to wiggle on and off. Woodcraft has addressed this problem with an innovative, magnet-based attachment system called Magfitt. You place a permanent coupling on each dust port, and a magnetic connector on the end of the hose, and—click!—they attach securely and detach easily. Better yet, the system has fittings for 4-in. and 21⁄2-in. hoses and ports. Go to to learn more.


Woodmizer makes bandsaw mills more affordable

A bandsaw mill is the best tool for hobbyists and small-shop pros looking to produce their own lumber— at a fraction of the retail price. Woodmizer, a longtime leader in the field, recently debuted two new models at unprecedented prices. The LX50START (suggested retail: $3,000) and LX50SUPER ($4,000) can saw logs up to 26 in. dia. with a 231⁄2-in. maximum cutting width. Both come with Kohler gas engines, high-performance blade guides, automatic blade lubrication, easy log handling, and modular bed extensions. The Super model adds a stronger frame and other premium features. Go to for more information.

Woodmizer bandsaw mill

—Asa Christiana is FWW’s editor-at-large.
Photos courtesy of the manufacturers.
From Fine Woodworking #310.

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