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For more information on our upcoming woodworking travel tour hosted by Anissa Kapsales and Phil Huber.

Tips for moving shop

From Adam Godet:
Vic’s best tip for moving a shop (he’s an expert by now)

Getting a bit cranky

Lost without a shop, our intrepid woodworker finds himself in a strange, unfulfilling place.

How to set up big woodworking machines

Whether you are acquiring a new table saw, a jointer, a lathe, or some other machine, it helps to use best practices from the moment it arrives in your shop.

Minimalist woodworking… updated

Also from Adam:
Any opinions on what Vic would change in a minimalist shop since he wrote his book? I teach a lot of beginners with the intention of them setting up a workspace. They’re all in DC without a “traditional “ space so we rely on his wisdom here.

Shop Tour: Vic Tesolin

Vic Tesolin is known as “The Minimalist Woodworker.” You’ll see what that means when we show you how many tools he has stashed away in his shop.

Don’t underestimate the power of a small shop

Just some simple tools and a desire to make things—that’s all you need.

Here is a link to the tabletop workbench Vic and Anissa talk about.

Jointing that pesky veneer!

From @fiddleheadcaskets
When jointing boards by hand in preparation for edge gluing, how do you handle it if the grain directions don’t agree with each other? Generally, you can clamp the boards together to cancel out any angle you might introduce on the edges with the plane but if one’s cutting nicely and the other is tearing out what can you do?

Veneer Seaming and Glue-Up

Learn how to seam veneer sheets for invisible glue lines in the final episode of our three-part series on veneer basics

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