The Best Home Decor At Target Right Now

The Best Home Decor At Target Right Now

Welcome to a curated virtual Target home decor run! So instead of having to cart down aisles upon aisles, this is an actual quick trip where you are only presented with the best (aka our current favorites:)). Emily was really inspired by a recent Target trip and thought that it would be fun to share what we are all loving. Target is not slowing down on the beautiful yet affordable pieces, so if you are in need of a lamp, coffee table, accent chair, glassware, etc. we might have covered today. Grab your cart and let’s go.

I have been realizing for the last few years that lamps may be one of my top love languages:) They are both beautiful and functional so what more could you ask for?! Well, affordability is one, which is why Target is the perfect lamp store (among other things, obviously).

Ceramic Table Lamp | Faux Marble Mini Table Lamp

I know we’ve talked about that black lamp before but for an obvious reason – it’s awesome! It’s not overly ornate but still has interesting details. Also, it’s so versatile. I can see it in a modern room, with a farmhouse vibe like Em’s house, as a cool contrast to a traditional space, etc. This is a lamp that you’d want to keep for a long long time. Then that sweet yet chic green marble lamp is so wonderful. It’s mini so it’s the perfect little accent that would add instant cool sophistication with a hint of color. How fun would this be in a kitchen or bathroom??

Oval Table Lamp with Pleated Shade | Natural Wicker Table Lamp

Gimme those pleats! I love how both of these lamps mix the clean, traditional pleat with an organic material base. It’s such a nice contrast. The warm and bold color of the oval lamp is so pretty and neutral enough to work with lots of different color palettes. Then the wicker is, of course, the best at working with every color out there and I love the tone of this one (plus it’s not overly glossed, thankfully). Putting this lamp into a room will add texture and visual interest immediately so I highly recommend it!

Milk Glass Striped Wall Sconce

Hello, Hearth & Hand! For those of you with a more traditional style, this plug-in sconce would be so sweet in your home. For the price, it’s so pretty and has great details! Even the cord is fabric which I much prefer with plug-ing sconces where the cord is super visible.

One major thing Emily noted from her Target trip was the art. She really thought the pieces were so pretty and you know Em is particular about her art:) Let’s see our top 3…

Citrus Harvest Framed Wall Canvas | Moody Trees Framed Wall Canvas | Hillside Sketch Framed Wall Art

I mean, look at these! They definitely aren’t your run-of-the-mill genetic art pieces. The citrus still life is so pretty and the variation of colors creates so much beautiful movement (the irony, amirite??). Then the “moody trees” piece looks legitimately old and is stunning. It would add instant depth to your room. Then finally the sketch. I’m a sketch girl at my core so I am a huge fan. I also love how it’s framed in a float mount.

Target is getting cooler and trendier by the day. It’s time to talk about this mirror…

Pond Wall Mirror

Amorphic-shaped mirrors have been becoming more and more popular so it’s nice to have a more affordable option like this one. It’s a great size at 22″ x 30″ and if you look in the styled photo above it really can freshen up an otherwise traditional style. But it’s definitely versatile so if you need a mirror, no matter your style, maybe shake things up with this one!

Now let’s get into some bigger pieces…bookcases/cabinets!

Bookcase with Drawers | Glass Accent Cabinet

Do you see these beauties!? Tall, pretty details, and both have open and closed storage which is ideal. I love the brass fingerhole pulls on the light wood bookcase so much. It just gives it such an elevated look and feel. Also, the sizes of the drawers (2 slim on top of a deeper one) make it look more expensive. Then for the black cabinet, not only is it perfectly in the modern traditional style category but it could make a great entry cabinet! Shoes can go behind the doors (if not too muddy), keys and mail on the shelves, then maybe some hooks on the side of the cabinet or on the wall next to it:)

Bleached Oak Console Table

Keeping with the entry theme, I really love this bleached oak console table. It’s giving California Casual 2024 but is timeless enough that it won’t look outdated anytime soon. Simple, cool, and pretty:)

Let’s sit down and get comfortable.

Swivel Accent Chair | Wing Arm Accent Chair

The faux shearling swivel chair is so pretty and a great dupe for all of the very expensive similar versions currently on the market. It’s clean, inviting, has a beautiful shape, and of course, swivels! Would be great in a living room or a bedroom (or a nursery:)) Now I know I’ve talked about that wing armchair before because I think it’s such a cool and slightly more daring shape than a lot of what Target offers. It actually gives me a vintage vibe leaning Parisian. The proportions are very cool and looks like a chair you could hang in for a long time.

Emily also recently was talking about her search for large coffee tables. So when I saw this one I knew I needed to share it with the class.

Square Coffee Table with Drawer

Ok, so she’s allllmost a square coming in at 32.99″ x 31.50″. And while not a huge coffee table, I’d say it’s also not a bad size either! The wood tone is so pretty, the small groove detail on the drawer (yay, storage!) is great, and the brass pulls are simple and versatile. Plus there’s an added shelf for things like coffee table books!

I think we can all get behind affordable hardware so let’s see what Target has come up with!

10″ Vintage Cuffed Drawer Pulls (Set of 2) | Vintage Library Drawer Bin Pulls (Set of 2)

Now, we are of course massive fans of Rejuvenation’s hardware but understand that they aren’t for everyone’s budget (especially when you have A LOT of cabinets and drawers). These look like a great budget alternative! The pulls are classic and under $13 for 2. The other pulls are so sweet with some wonderful details. 10/10

Target is trying to make our bathrooms chic!

Wall-Mounted Brass Ladder Towel Rack

I love this wall-mounted brass ladder towel rack. Depending on if you have more than one person using the bathroom daily you might want two but how cute would this be in a guest bath? Hotel vibes!

Now, let’s set a pretty table.

Glass Drinkware Set (Set of 4) | Windowpane Oiled Tablecloth | Acrylic Tumblers (Set of 4)

I love love a multipurpose beautiful (and affordable) glass! That green set is the perfect fun neutral color, with that sweet ball detail. And those glasses could be used for water, a cocktail, a mocktail, wine, etc. No notes. Then on the far right are those stunning baby blues that won’t break if you drop them! Perfect for inside or outside. Finally, I love the design of this tablecloth. Simple but sweet and adds just enough pattern to your tablescape.

Ceramic Curved Sculpture

I love a beautiful ceramic object and this one fits the bill perfectly. The curve is so pretty and it’s 10″ tall which is great! It’s not always easy to find affordable, tall, cool sculptures. Objects like this just help to add that added layer of visual interest.

To end this fun little shopping trip, let’s get cozy!

Velvet Round Throw Pillow | Textured Grid Lines Dobby Throw Blanket | Tufted Geo Lumbar Throw Pillow

Sunday you’ll read about Em’s love for that round pillow🙂 Let’s just say, she’s a big fan. It also comes in 2 other colors! Then I love the look of this blanket. The reviews are great saying it’s super soft and a perfect medium weight. But I love the tonal pattern and cute fringe. So versatile! Comes in a few other colors too:) Lastly, is a pillow I suggested for my first Fix it Friday post about bedding. I just love the texture, pattern, and size. You could use it in any room with almost any style. This also comes in a few other color options!

Alright, time to pack up! If you were looking for something specific I hope this helped! Come back tomorrow for a Fix it Friday with a special guest:) It might help you even more!

*Photos via Target

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