The Bohemian Style in Furniture Design – Couch Potatoes Furniture

The Bohemian Style in Furniture Design – Couch Potatoes Furniture

The bohemian style in furniture design is a style that is inspired by the carefree and nomadic lifestyle of the bohemians. This style is characterized by furniture that is eclectic, colorful, and full of life. If you are looking for a furniture store that has several pieces that could fit in the bohemian style category, then Couch Potatoes is the place for you.

What Is Bohemian Style?

According to HGTV’s article, “Bohemian Design Style 101“, the boho style is a mixture of different cultures and artistic expressions into an eclectic style. The Boho style places an emphasis on organic elements and nature. 

It’s all about embracing the unconventional and choosing a lack of structure over a consistent uniform look. While there are definitive instructions for this style, there are common characteristics that are a great way to fill your home with those boho vibes.

Boho Style Guide

Some of the most notable characteristics of the bohemian style in furniture are:


  • The bohemian style in furniture is characterized by its use of color. This style often uses brightly colored fabrics and materials to create a fun and lively atmosphere.
  • The color palette is warm, with colors such as rusts, creams, and taupes.

Natural Elements:

  • Boho furniture is often made with natural materials such as jute, wicker, and rattan.
  • Light wood tones such as pine, mango, or teak.

Layering Textures:

  • This can be done by combining different fabrics such as velvet, linen, and cotton.
  • Fur, leather, and sheepskin are also commonly used in this style.

The Bohemian Style at Couch Potatoes

Couch Potatoes has several pieces that could fit into the bohemian category including the following:

The Ladybird Reversible Sofa Chaise:

Rachel M. review of Ladybird Left Chaise Sectional

As you can see, this mid-century modern sofa can look good in any home. It makes a perfect base for boho design as you can layer a textured blanket or add some quirky throw pillows. That chaise is also a great addition to that carefree bohemian lifestyle.

Additionally, our couches are able to be customized in any of our available fabrics. The particular Ladybird shown above is in our fabric Superb Peacock. It’s a bold color, perfect for the boho style. 

The Haimi Coffee Table:

Haimi Coffee Table

Yeah…look at this cool coffee table. It’s made from mango wood and has an unconventional appearance perfect for your bohemian home. 

Carlton Square Poufs:

Carlton Square Pouf

This handwoven pouf provides the right amount of texture for your bohemian home. A pouf acts as a versatile piece of furniture and can be a footstool, a side table, or just something to leave your extra books stacked on.

Aafje Wall Art:

Aafje Wall Art

Speaking of handwoven textures, run your hands through this Aafje wall art. The soothing neutral tones will make this textural tapestry an eye-catching piece wherever you hang it.

Carefree at Couch Potatoes

If you are looking for furniture that fits into the bohemian category, then Couch Potatoes is the place for you! We have a wide selection of pieces that are perfect for creating a fun and lively atmosphere in your home. Stop by our store today or browse our website to see our complete selection!

We have furniture store locations in Central and South Austin. 

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