Understanding The Impact Of Your Support: Furniture Bank’s 2023 Social Value Impact Measurement

SROI methodology is an investment in time, skills, care and funding. In 2024, we are requesting financial support to expand our measurement work to measure the rights holders from our national work supporting communities across Canada.  

Communities in Barrie/Simcoe Country, Ottawa Region, and Winnipeg National operate through our cloud collaboration platform and in 2023, provided over 30,327 items of essential furnishings, supporting 7,423 individuals and 3,463 children across Canada, demonstrating a wide-reaching impact on furniture poverty. 

We will also be diving deeper into the impact of a furnished home on children, our most vulnerable group. Children sleeping on floors for years suffer significantly more physical, mental and emotional harm and we want to capture this impact as a discrete rightsholder in future models.  

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