Unlocking The Inspiring Potential Of Social Finance: Imagine Canada’s Webinar

From charity to change-maker: Furniture Bank began as a traditional charity, reliant on the ebb and flow of donations and grants. Yet, we’ve evolved beyond this model, tapping into social enterprise to pave a path of financial autonomy and stability with social finance. This shift has not just been about funding—it’s been a renaissance of our organization’s very ethos.

Empowerment through investment: Social finance has been a game-changer, providing us with the tools for empowerment, growth, and sustainability. By engaging with repayable investments, we’ve generated a cycle of growth that reinvests in our mission and community.

Overcoming misconceptions: There’s a pervasive misunderstanding that nonprofits should survive on generosity alone, but we’ve broken through these misconceptions. By doing so, we’ve unlocked our potential and have created a more robust, sustainable model that benefits everyone involved—from the families we help to the broader community.

Education as a catalyst: The narrative of Furniture Bank’s journey from financial instability to covering 80% of our operating costs through social enterprise projects for residential, corporate and governments is a case study to the possibility and effectiveness of social finance as a tool for change.

The broader impact: Our case study is one of many case studies for what’s possible when social finance is embraced. It’s about creating a world where the social sector is reimagined, and organizations are not just surviving but thriving, setting the stage for a future where social good and financial viability walk hand in hand.

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