Your Quick Roofing Guide to Leaks, Repairs & Easy Maintenance

The simplest way to find out is by asking:

Owen Westney from Rockstar Roofing Solutions says if your repair quote is halfway or three quarters to the cost of a new roof, you’ve got to weigh up the dollar value.

“Some roofs we see and think, ‘this should have been ripped off years ago’, but it’s quite a shocking thing to be told you need a new roof, and a lot of people don’t have $20,000 sitting around — so the repairs give people time to save,” Owen says.

“We only repair if we can guarantee it’ll be watertight for five years, so if anything comes up we’ll go back and fix it for free,” Owen says.

“Always ask [the tradesperson] if they offer a warranty or guarantee of their work,” Owen recommends.

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