40+ Easy Healthy Salad Recipes You’ll Want Everyday

These easy healthy salad recipes are all great options as a main dish or the perfect side dish. Whether you are looking for a basic simple salad or something a bit more creative, these nutritious salad recipes are the way to go. 

When you add leafy greens, fresh fruit, crunchy veggies, and protein together you can create an amazing meal. The fresh flavor of a good healthy salad makes you feel good about your eating choices.

Having an abundance of easy healthy recipes on hand also makes it much easier to live a healthy lifestyle. With a little planning, and a trip to the grocery store for a few ingredients you are well on your way to providing something healthy for the whole family. 

These healthy salads are all dairy-free, and gluten-free, and many are also vegan. 

40 easy healthy salad recipes, gluten free dairy free healthy salads

Eating a healthy salad no longer means boring, or without flavor. You will see how to make nutritious salad recipes, plus many homemade healthy salad dressings to go with them. 

Easy Healthy Salad Recipes

A tip for making a great salad is to combine vibrant colors, delicious textures, and fresh flavor. This is the trifecta for the best healthy salad. 

What You Need to Make the Best Healthy Salad

The foundation of a simple healthy salad is often some kind of fresh greens. These could be romaine lettuce, arugula, butter lettuce, spinach, or kale to name a few. Once you have your greens as a base you can add your favorite ingredients. Here are a few healthy salad ideas for add-ons to get you started:

  • red onion
  • cherry tomatoes
  • bell pepper
  • cucumber slices
  • green onions
  • sunflower seeds
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • sweet fruit, like berries or apples
  • crunchy nuts, like almonds, cashews, or walnuts

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In addition to fresh ingredients, these are a few kitchen tools that will make creating and serving your easy healthy salad recipes a breeze. Here are a few, plus make sure to check out my list of salad making essentials in case I forgot something:

salad serving bowl and spoons for the best easy healthy salad recipes
wooden salad spoons
salad chopped bowl and chopper to make chopped salad
salad container to bring salad to work or school with compartments

Healthy Salad Ideas

Here you can find some yummy healthy salads that are delicious and good for you.

These easy healthy salad recipes are all delcious and packed with superfoods, and flavor. They are also gluten free, and dairy free. Many are vegan.

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