Cool Windbreakers For Spring Layering (And Walking)…She’s Sporty Now:)

I feel like I reach peak “mom” frequently these days (I just bought a vintage stair basket, sooo…), but perhaps most recently when I blurted out to my team “I’m really into finding cool windbreakers right now” when they were all discussing legit fashion. While I often have “coat confusion” (the disorder where you can’t decide on what type of coat you’ll need and want for the day) once spring comes and I’m walking those dogs, all I want is a light layer on the top half of my body. Just something to separate my skin and the elements without being tight like a T-shirt. While these aren’t for date night or going to get you that job you want, if you also have an outside hobby then maybe you could use a windbreaker or light spring jacket as well. I snagged a few from my closet, shopped a bit, and headed out to the coast with my team to shoot (LOL, just joking we were out there shooting a big patio shoot and I knew that we’d have 2-3 hours of “too directly overhead sun” so we planned some filler shoots while out there). We were on the Washington Bay Coast and if nothing else I hope you like the scenery. It was sooo pretty.

The Navy “Throw-On And Go” With Pockets

Windbreaker | Shorts (similar) | Socks | Sneakers

This one is nice and roomy in the pits (just how I like them) so that it can be thrown over and layer well. It’s my new favorite. It has multiple pockets that close (stop it with the side pockets where things fall out easily) and a little gather to break up the boxiness. Here I’m modeling last year’s Madewell shorts (these are oversized and I roll them up) with some cute 70s-inspired Bombas and my new strangely flattering New Balances (the shape of the shoe when you look down is legit very cute).

A Colorblocked (And Weightless) Cutie

Windbreaker | Shorts | Socks (similar) | Sneakers

I think there needs to be more anoraks or windbreakers that are colorblocked (I only found this one in person but below I’ve linked some really cute ones). This one was (and is still) on sale and is very thin (you can even see your shirt underneath). I love the shape and I actually love that it’s so thin, adding virtually NO weight, just the tiniest layer. I paired it with my favorite summer workout shorts (I also swim in them and have them in three colors, built-in underwear, etc), from Lululemon (size up, I’m wearing an 8 here). These shorts are so comfortable, with a wide waistband that never cuts in, and yet they are cut to flair out a bit on the sides and be more flat on the front = exactly what you want your shorts to do IMHO.

A Lightly Blue And Dare I Say Peplum Number?

Lightweight Jacket | Leggings (similar) | Sneakers

This jacket is new to me and adds a bit more substance and warmth with two light layers. Front roomy pockets house my phone, headphones, and doggy bags. But the little ruffle/peplum bottom is pretty darn cute and why I got it. I tried it with baggier pants but it was too “big over big” so it’s better with tighter leggings (These are old Lulu leggings). And those slightly platform New Balances are sooooo cute (and while I know it’s more “in” to wear this with baggy pants, I’m not into that look and love them with either leggings or shorts).

The Daily Spring Easy Jacket

Windbreaker Jacket | Pants | Boots

I’ve had this one for a couple of years and while it leans towards a jacket (a bit too thick to be a windbreaker) I find that I do wear it a lot when I want some warmth without the bulk (and has ample pockets for dog walking accessories). I like that the collar comes up high and the “boob flap” (technical name, I’m sure) adds some architectural interest. It’s splurgier and I frankly wish it came in a bright color but it’s good 🙂

Here are a few that I love from the internet that are more current (and what I would buy if I needed a new one or two). Crucial ingredients are pockets and armpit space (I’m sensitive to this since my boobs are big and I hate feeling trapped in a coat I think more than most people) which lends to its ability to layer. That is all of my windbreaker philosophy now!

Swiftbreaker Water Resistant Windbreaker Anorak

K-Way Le Vrai Leon 3.0 Half-Zip Windbreaker Jacket

Lightweight Woven Side-Snap Anorak

Teca Water Resistant Half-Zip Anorak

International Anorak Hoodie

Ripstop Half-Zip Hiking Pullover

Vintage Nike Pullover Windbreaker Jacket 062

Have a great rest of your weekend. xx

*Photos by Kaitlin Green

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