On The Hunt For Comfy And Cute Spring Break Sandals – Here Is What I Found

On The Hunt For Comfy And Cute Spring Break Sandals – Here Is What I Found

When did shoes stop being sold in stores?? I went to the mall and came back with almost nothing. Many of my favorite brands are online only so I have to order, try on, and return (which is NOT my favorite use of time and the earth’s energy). This year we are headed to Hawaii in March for spring break, which I haven’t been to in over 20 years and I’m DRIPPING with excitement (mostly because it has been pretty darn drippy up here). I find that sandals, more than any other shoe, often don’t last more than two years because of the wear of outdoor activities in the summer (and up here on the farm things go even faster because of the dirt). So most of my sandals are pretty thrashed and it was time for a couple of pairs that would check multiple boxes.

I want comfortable (duh), a bit of a lift if possible for arch support but also because I still like the longer leg look :), versatile (daytime and nighttime), casual but not boring. Oh, and I don’t need any sexy/strappy sandals (and I have a bunion) so these are definitely on the more practical and understated side. Here we go:

I was very excited about these and they are EXTREMELY comfortable and cute. The base has this padding that is so soft and cushy. My only issue with them was, for me, the tone. I don’t it think works well with my very pink legs/feet and my feet are super wide so these made them slightly wider. I kept them in here because they are legit so cute and comfy, but not the best fit for my shape/skin.

Well, SHOOT. These are so cute, extremely comfortable, so versatile, and very stylish. Ignore Buttercup’s side-eye. My main issue with these is the price. I don’t know how to justify the cost considering they will likely get beat up being so light. At first, I thought they were a “HELL YES” and if you have a large budget then get them – they are SO CUTE. But after thinking about it for a while, I think others check more boxes and these are too splurgy to just get for fun.

These might look boring but I know that I’ll wear them ALL THE TIME. I already do. I bought them a few weeks ago and I find that I throw them on to jump in the car to run errands frequently (cute with socks). If you have Birkenstocks you might not need these.

Madewell T-Shirt | Shorts (similar)

Excellent plane shoes as well…

GAH. I don’t think I’m selling these here but these are solid walking sandals. They are giving “saltwater sandal” vibes but with a cute platform and a white/black stripe (and not waterproof). So comfy, with a bit of style, still understated (as you can tell I’m not into super strappy statement sandals – likely because my feet don’t invite that level of exposure).

Keep reading, but I think these are a solid YES.

Sweatshirt | Skirt

Fine, these are likely not going to be brought on spring break because of bulk and I don’t think I’ll need fancy nighttime shoes, but I promise I have almost zero heeled summer shoes and these are so comfortable (for heels) and cute. These would look awesome with ankle socks. The sweatshirt is from Anthro and the skirt is Madewell (and awesome, so lightweight, easy to throw on, and doesn’t wrinkle).

These were a “hell yes” until I found another pair of Teva’s from last year I have that are still in great shape. So with the intent not to hoard, I’m going to return them, But y’all they are GREAT.

I haven’t really dove into the fisherman sandal yet. These are so comfortable, but I don’t think this is really me… Not sure why but after staring at them and picturing them with my wardrobe they aren’t a “hell yes.”

After trying these all on yesterday I went back into my closet to check out what I did have to make sure I’m not being stupidly overconsumptive and buying shoes for outfits that I already have a shoe for. I have my Arizona Birks (so cute, but honestly I don’t love Birks as much as the rest of the world for comfort reasons ironically), last year’s Tevas (olive green), of course, my flip flops (Tkees), and Havianas. So I think I only really need the heels (not for spring break) and the salt water vibey sandals (unless I find my Nisolo’s from last year that are on sale right now for $69 BTW). I also really like these (on sale for $69). Lastly, I ordered these from Emerson Fry which I haven’t received yet so we’ll see (splurgy but I’m a massive fan of that brand, made in the USA, small batch, always flattering, a good fit, etc). And then I still have these from last year that are SO CUTE. Maybe I only need one pair, y’all. Seems like I’m not that desperate after all 🙂 Hopefully, this helps if you are in the sandal market 🙂

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