How to Remodel an Apartment in NYC

Another way to save time and money is to include hardwood floor refinishing or replacing in the scope, if this was something you were thinking about. Since the renovation crew is already on-site, and the contractor has access to flooring subcontractors, you can take advantage of their services and streamline the process.

Floor repair is challenging, and matching the existing flooring is unlikely to be perfect, even for skilled professionals. To achieve a consistent result, replacing planks and refinishing the entire floor is necessary. If more than 30% of the floor requires repair, it’s recommended to get a quote for a new floor instead of repairing it.

One Sweeten contractor recently refinished the hardwood floors for a 1,600-square-foot apartment in NYC for $12,800 or $8/sq ft. Another Sweeten homeowner replaced the floors of a smaller 616-square-foot one-bedroom apartment. The project installed engineered wood and soundproofing for $8,770. The budget for materials and labor worked out to $14/square foot.

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