Small Bathroom Renovation Turns Major When The Unexpected Happens

It can pay-off to figure out how you compliment each other’s abilities.

There’s no denying that a renovation puts stress on whoever’s involved. And at this point of the interview, I find out they are engaged. So how did Julian and Lexie fare?

“We were pretty good overall, Lex definitely got frustrated with me at times, but we know what kind of renovators we are,” Julian laughs.

“I’m super fricken detail-orientated and can’t keep to the schedule,” Julian says.

“Lex is much more, ‘don’t worry about it, let’s stick to the plan, keep the ball moving,” Julian laughs.

All through the interview I’ve been laughing along with Julian and Lexie as they reminisce, and I finish up by asking one last question: when did you figure this all out?

“Yeah, hah, probably not until the end,” Julian laughs.

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