Great Statement Lamps You Can Put In The Middle Of The Room

What happens when all you want is a cool lamp that can go in the middle of the room, not blocking any views? Or heck, just make a bland corner more exciting?? You grab a “small” statement lamp, of course! On our Zoom call last week, Emily was talking about the need for this kind of roundup. “Jess, can you find some cool statement lamps but ones that can also go in the middle of a room? Think short and chunky.” This is my favorite kind of request. One where I can search the interwebs, finding truly awesome things while potentially playing a podcast:) But as a lot of you know, lighting is one of my favorite decor categories so my excitement level was high. Did you see my Etsy roundup? That was me holding back! So to start, I’m showing you 11 of my top picks then at the end an even bigger roundup because I couldn’t help myself.

While not all of these lamps are cute little chunkers, they are all mostly around 10″-ish tall. Why? Well, if you have a large space where visually a big ole table lamp on a side table between two chairs looks right scale-wise then great, but a lot of the time that large scale can be overwhelming to the eye. On the other hand, you still want it to add some excitement to the room and have your lamp not blend in with everything else. The goal is to complement, not overwhelm which is why a smaller size can be ideal.

Ah, one of my truest lamp loves. I will try to not talk about this one anymore until you see my bedroom reveal (an exciting update might be happening this weekend!) but it’s honestly just SO GOOD. As soon as I showed Emily over Zoom, she almost immediately hit purchase, wracking her brain for where a perfect spot would be. The check pattern might feel a little trendy but the craftsmanship of the wood and shape, as well as the colors, I know will look incredible forever. Think how amazing this would be in a traditional home. Unexpected and so exciting.

But what’s extra great about it is the size – 11.5″W x 7.75″D x 9.5″H. It’s small but not a wallflower visually and gives off such a delicate warm glow. Plus, there are no bad angles:)

design by jess bunge | styled by emily bowser | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: moto reveal: jess’ home office

Another personal rec:) So while this one will cost you a bit, you can feel and see the love that was put into each one of these lamps. I got to borrow a medium-sized one for my office area shoot and let’s just say I didn’t want to give it back. Heartbroken would also be an accurate word to describe how I felt. Anyway, while I love all of their lamps I am partial to the striped one. It just adds so much to a space without being loud and good luck having a guest come over that won’t compliment you on it.

But let’s say you want more ambient lighting/a slightly more affordable price tag. Enter this cutie. I love the pattern, love the color, and it’s going to light up a room beautifully! It also looks so versatile stylistically. For instance, it could easily bring some life to a minimalist organic style home, add some pretty texture to a modern space, or some earthiness to a more traditional space. Plus it sits at a sweet 11.25″ tall:)

I have been eyeing this lamp for so long now (can you tell now I have a problem??). I just haven’t found the right place for it. Maybe in my next home. I just love the colors (there are a few more colorways if these aren’t for you), the shape is incredible, and it’s overall just a unique-looking lamp. The light from it would be so pretty and could work effortlessly with so many styles. Be playful with your lamps! Take risks!

So I started with the heavily patterned ones but now we’re moving onto shapes being the prominent feature. While this lamp might not scream “STATEMENT” to everyone, I think it’s a great contender for a lot of people and their homes. First off, you have the woven shade. It’s textured, beautiful, and lets a warm light through. Then how can you not love that base?! Now, it’s not chunky but the ball details are awesome and this one sits a little taller at 14.75″ so the added height helps make up for a lack of chuck:)

Our short king!! This 8″ stud is SO COOL. I love how they took a fairly common marble ball base and made that brass shade a star. It’s modern but also feels classic which of course means it is super versatile:) I’ve loved this lamp from the moment I saw it and it will forever be on my favorites list.

If I saw this lamp on a different store’s site and it was priced at $200 I wouldn’t bat an eye. But this soft yet sickeningly cool IKEA lamp is only $55!! The ambient light would be so pretty and I love the shape so much. Also, those light neutral colors make it you know…SO VERSATILE. Ha. What I also love is that while it’s not huge, it also isn’t small standing at 11″. This is such a great find and not just because it’s affordable.

Another chunky monkey that’s so chic! Again, this lamp might not be like the patterned statement lamps but its proportions are really fun. Check out how thick that base is! Plus I also love the array of materials they used in what could be written off as a fairly simple lamp. I promise the look and visual weight of this lamp will have all of your friends asking about it.

Unexpected red theory anyone?? So not only would this lamp look sick in any home as a crazy fun pop of color, but this lamp in particular is cordless! That’s right, no need to worry about it being near an outlet or tripping over a cord. But if red isn’t your jam it comes in five other happy bold colors. A vintage-inspired style lamp that would make the best kind of statement.

Ok, so if you like the idea of red but that red hot cherry color is too much, then here is a stunning “Scarlett” colored option. So not only does this color say “bold and sophisticated,” it’s also the color of the year. Everyone is diving into this moody red and we are loving it.

Last but not least another boldly colored lamp in a wildly cool shape is this guy. In case you aren’t aware of Claude Home, they have the most curated and beautiful collection of vintage and artist goods. Look at this lamp too that makes me feel emotional looking at it!! They are one of my favorite follows and this lamp is an example of why. While not cheap, the specialness of it is radiant. It comes in other colors but this jewel-toned green made my heart leap. Someone please buy this lamp and send photos of how you style it.

My heart rate is actually elevated now. Ha. And it might keep going up because here are a bunch more lamps that I loved and pinned.

1. Arundel Up Light | 2. Fabric Table Lamp | 3. Layla Table Lamp | 4. Colin King Ceramic Table Lamp | 5. Truro Table Lamp | 6. Raku Rechargeable LED Table Lamp | 7. Setago Rechargeable LED Portable Table Lamp | 8. Rocco Table Lamp | 9. Silas Table Lamp

OK, happy lamp shopping if you are in need and please don’t forget to step a little outside your comfort zone. I promise it will pay off:)

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Living Room Update – AGAIN – Our New Sofa, My Dream Floral Chaise And The Pop Of Red I Always Wanted In My Life

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