The EHD Secret “Saved Folders” Are OPEN! See What Design Inspo We’ve Been Saving

The EHD Secret “Saved Folders” Are OPEN! See What Design Inspo We’ve Been Saving

Coming up with content for a holiday week is always a little tricky and we get it. When you potentially only have to work a 3-day week (if you are lucky enough to get that) who can concentrate on anything but getting to that first morning you get to sleep in!? So I thought we could give you a little peek into our secret saved Instagram folders for some easy, happy, and inspiring content to make this next day or so of work a little prettier:) I tasked the team to each give me 3 “saves” with a little blurb as to why they decided to keep it for later. Per usual Emily over-delivered, so since she’s top of the class let’s see what she has first…


This room really slayed me instantly and the more I stare at it the more I think it’s perfect. The room feels warm, yet with a lot of cooler tones (blues and grays), a lot of woods, and clearly some unexpected vintage or custom moments. I’m just now realizing that they have my same red leather hoop chair! I love the patterned ottoman, the more formal drapes (the puddle!!) and that big branch is excellent (and easy). It’s the kind of styling that has so much impact. I’m a huge fan of Zoe Feldman and if you haven’t seen the rest of the room go check it out (the back of the sofa is soooooo good).

I’m always looking for art inspiration for our kids (and me) and this by Ulrike Lea Moormann stopped my scroll for sure. So graphic and playful, but with a clear intent, and powerful even. While I know that we can’t just do these (what looks simple is likely from years of experience, talent, and learnings) and yet I’m inspired to try our own version this summer in the art barn.

UGH. Another room that screamed perfection to me. Now this is how you layer vintage in a totally modern way. It’s INCREDIBLY inviting, feels so warm, and yet again in the blues and greens that I love so much. And then that dark red shade and yellow pillow really pop. If I could go back in time I’d likely do paneling in our house that is more rustic like this (I like the vertical seams) and whatever that cushion fabric is I want so badly (It’s the perfect green/blue).

For the last year, I’ve been toying with painting the ceiling in our living room – either the sides of the beans (a la Pierre Yovanovitch), the bottom of the beams (haven’t seen it done yet but am curious), or do what Nina did here and paint the paneling on the ceiling and leave the beams white. Seeing this done well was so inspiring and while I’m still not sure I have it in me to do that (and in different colors) I think about it almost daily when I’m sitting in here and staring (like the psychopath that all of us design nerds can be).


I am a big fan of all things Lone Fox. I love the way Drew really leans into the architecture of his Spanish-style home while maintaining his uber-creative, DIY-nature. One of my favorite makeovers he did recently was his little office nook, just off the primary bedroom (another stunning makeover if you haven’t seen that). What was once a boring, white pass-thru space, he transformed by hand into the warmest, most inviting workspace. He clad the walls in a warm tone wood, leaned into the built-ins and flooded the small space with so much charm and character. This makeover in particular has given me a ton of inspo for an upcoming project of my own involving one very warm-toned wood kitchen…coming soon!

This home stopped me dead in my doom-scrolling tracks the other day. I will obsess over any space that pulls off the bizarre yet stunning, weird-but-oh-so-cool vibe, and this home is no exception. Its 70s history shines throughout the home and it truly feels like a perfectly crafted work of art. The combination of natural materials, repetition of circular design, and significant focus on light (not to mention, stunning views) make this home sing. I would just die to visit and see its beauty in person. I want to touch every one of those driftwood steps and curl up next to that freeform window and take the nap of a lifetime. Such a dream space!

This Park Slope apartment is EV-RY-THANG! Namely, the color palette could not be any more up my alley. The green and yellow doors, the delicious, warm wooden elements, THAT TAPESTRY?? It’s just so good. Again, I’m obsessed with the shape-play throughout, too. It just feels like the perfect balance of organic and rigid, modern and historic, playful and sophisticated. And please, please, PLEASE get a load of that stairwell! The swooping railing with INCREDIBLE shape-centric light fixture, spanning stories. Jaw-dropping. Every time I peruse these photos I find a new element I love even more than the last. Inspo to the max!!!


I’m cheating a little, because this Instagram share was technically pulled from a 2007 edition of World of Interiors. (The most incredible resource, BTW. They finally launched a website a year and a half ago and I’m so glad they’re online now, too.) ANYWAY – Famed ceramicist Guidette Carbonell decorated this bathroom with hand-painted tiles from her daughters. It’s sweet, cozy, and not precious (while also being like, THE MOST precious, in the sentimental way) – I’d love to do something similar in my home one day. It just brings so much charm and heart to the space, don’t you think?

I see your eat-in kitchen and raise you an eat-in pantry. Can you believe that this was designed 100 years ago?! It’s by Joseph Hoffmann, an Austro-Hungarian architect/designer that I became obsessed with after seeing his work while traveling through Vienna a few years back. Hoffmann was super important to the modernist design movement – Le Corbusier, Alvar Aalto, Gio Ponti, and Carlo Scarpa all credit him as a master – but he fell into obscurity for reasons that aren’t particularly clear to me. It’s always a treat to see a Hoffmann space on the feed 

If you loved the color and mix that Em did at The Fig House, you’ll LOVE Rec Room, a vintage showroom by Hubba Hubba (aka Jake Harrison, whom you may recognize from his former gig as 1/2 of the world-renowned ETC.etera design team). The space is so warm and glowy and bright and cozy, with the added bonus of being a masterclass in mixing plaids. I love spaces that feel like a warm summer Sunday afternoon – the kind of place where you’d love to relax after a nice shower while you soak in the AC and flip through a magazine – and this checks every box.


I’ve been doing a lot of research into unique, ornate crown and ceiling molding options and WOW this really blew me away. I love the dialogue between the millwork on the bar and the ceiling bobbins. Then the way it’s softened by the warm rust velvets zhuzh really makes the space to me. In my new place, I really want to add charming vintage-inspired architectural features with trendy furniture – so this photo is a huge inspiration to me!!

I’ve been SO obsessed with contrast piping for a while now (just ask the rest of the EHD team) and this headboard literally stopped me in my tracks. I love it so much because of the subtle stripe detail in the piping and then the color blocking they did with the blue and rust (one of my favorite color combos). This is truly one of the most charming kids’ rooms I’ve ever seen and I spy a vintage quilt that looks like one Em has!! Also, can we talk about the sailboat mobile?? Okay that’s all.

If our algorithms are similar – you might’ve seen this home all over Instagram when it was on the market. It’s truly one of my favorite houses I have ever seen (I’m obsessed with Spanish-style homes BTW). The architecture is just so stunning (those DOORWAYS) that it really doesn’t need much when it comes to furniture/etc but the way they staged it was really beautiful. Watch the full video tour if you want to be transported!!


This room both excited me and made me calm all at the same time when I first saw it. I love the color choices, the small blue border, that curved fireplace! Get out of here. I would call this “Layered Calm”. It has a good amount of “stuff” and is full but still maintains negative space which is my favorite. Oh, and this fireplace makes a very good case for not needing a mantel:) Lastly, while this is a design inspo post, Ashley Lavonne is an incredible designer and really wonderful follow. Your feed will be much happier and prettier with her in it.

The living floors in this home are my dream floors. I think my eyes physically turned heart-shaped. The three different wood tones and the classic geometric pattern with the alternating plank orientation are all I could ever want from a wood floor. Starting my flooring savings account right now.

As I was finishing up this blog post yesterday, I came across this set of photos last minute and had to include it. I love following Sight Unseen because I am always so inspired by what they feature but this first chair and stunning room exhibition at the Jacqueline Sullivan Gallery really hit my heart in such a powerful way. The creativity and softness are so beautiful. Just when I start to worry that my inspiration tank is running low I see something like this.

This inspo session has come to an end. Hope it brightened your day and introduced you to some new designers or ideas. Have a great holiday week when it gets here and see ya tomorrow.

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: From Top Left Clockwise | Design by Emily Henderson, Photo by Kaitlin Green, From: Emily’s Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal | Design by Jess Bunge, Styled by Emily Bowser, Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp, From: Jess’ Office Reveal | Design by Gretchen Raguse, Photo by Kaitlin Green, From: Gretchen’s Bedroom Reveal | Design by Mallory Wackerman, Styled by Emily Bowser, Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp, From: Mallory’s Studio Apartment Reveal | Design by Caitlin Higgins, Styled by Emily Bowser, Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp, From: Caitlin’s Bathroom Reveal

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