12 “Modern” Chairs That Look Good With Antique Dining Tables

I’m helping two of my best friends decorate their new homes and I feel like the luckiest person in the world to use my time/talents/connections to relieve their stress and help them love their homes more. I guess thirty years of extremely close friendship warrants some perks:) And because we are all busy moms with demanding jobs, this is a guaranteed way to be able to see them frequently. So today I’ll show you R’s dining room highlighting the only piece of furniture that I think we are keeping (all the rest were starter pieces that she is ready to part with after a decade – please note the sun damage stripe on the back of that sofa – isn’t that nuts!!!!??!). Her dining table is a family heirloom and we really love it but the chairs she had were really lightweight and felt cheap/old (while admittedly they didn’t look bad). I ended up pitching this whole project to Rejuvenation and the plan for it looks so perfect for them I can’t even tell you. Here you’ll see some that we played with.

To be honest many of these are above our budget and some just aren’t going to be right for the rest of the design, but I figured I’d show you all the ones I pinned and talk through why.

Monte Ivory Performance Fabric Dining Chair

Ugh, I love this chair. It felt a bit delicate to them and the shape at the top might be too trendy but the undertones of the wood worked well with the table. But hot tip – performance fabric doesn’t mean that they can’t get dirty, just means that when they do they are easier to clean (so to be clear – you still have to really keep white furniture clean). This was a no-go for their family (two boys and a dog).

Zoey Caned Armless Dining Chair

This is a solid choice – I love the simplicity of the lines of the legs against the turned table legs. And the mix of materials is really nice.

Molina Dining Chair (Set of 2)

This chair is def on the hyper-traditional side (feels very 1940s) but those lines are so pretty and classic.

Dalton Leather and Cane Dining Chair

Again, above our budget this time (when you times it by 6 it’s like GEESH), but I think that leather and the caning is so lovely. I think that it might actually be too busy and a simpler chair would let the lines of the table stand out.

Easton Dining Chair

I’ve GOT to use this chair somewhere – incredible. Out of our budget here but my goodness it’s awesome.

Ambrogio Dining Chair

I mean, the joinery on this one… so simple and pretty. We might actually use this in a different project stay tuned.

Biscoe Wood Dining Chair

We shopped for more budget options and Studio McGee/Target is killing it. I want to see one of these in person to better understand the scale (again, three big boys in this family).

Lana Curved Back Dining Chair

Another great and affordable Target option. The lines are simple but elegant. Comes in black too which I might prefer.

Enzo Solid Oak Wood Dining Chair

My SIL just bought these for their house that is super high-end, and these (very affordable) look so good in there. They look far more expensive than they are and are super comfy and classic. Pottery Barn also has a version that is much more expensive but looks very similar.

Sandia Leather Dining Chair

I LOVE these chairs. They seem like a modern version of a cozy pub or library chair.

Ida Dining Chair

Now these might be too simple for you, but remember that the rest of the room isn’t designed yet and we are likely putting a wallpaper, and adding darker paint. So the room will have a lot more going on and thus the dining chairs (at least the side chairs) could be simpler.

Byers Arm Chair

This is a solid contender because not only is it beautiful but we sat on them and they were a really good size, super ergonomic, and substantial. Plus the curve is pretty and will stick out a little bit – enough to see it, but not so much that it obstructs walking.

More to come on this project. I’ve been soooo busy (lots of trips) and very busy in life, so hopefully you’ll see more of this very very very very soon. xx

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