Here Are The 11 Styling Essentials For 2024 (Come See If You Agree:))

Here Are The 11 Styling Essentials For 2024 (Come See If You Agree:))

You may have heard that Emily Henderson started out as an editorial stylist:) Just kidding. I’m sure 99% of you are VERY aware of the fact. I mean, her famous “Style. Play. Everyday” wasn’t directed at renovating, people. Nope. It’s all about looking at your room, your home, and moving things around, adding a cool new piece, and seeing what you like! But understandably that may come more naturally to some which is why we are here. We want to give you the basics, show ya some tricks, and ultimately empower you to create a home you love.

So today we are essentially giving you the “2024 styling starter pack decor list”. A list of things (with shoppable options) that if you grab one, two, or hey, all 11 then you will be well on your way to having a more unique and layered home. But the good news is you might even already own some of these things so pairing them with a “new friend” or moving them to a new location could give it a whole new life. And while we are calling this the 2024 list, most everything has been on Emily’s forever list meaning they aren’t going out of style anytime soon because they are true styling staples. Ok, let’s dive in!

Statement Lamps

I know I’ve been talking, dare I say too much, about statement lighting recently but it’s because they are that impactful! The drooling I have done over Emily’s awesome lamps for the last 100 years has only created an addiction of my own. But look, they are functional art and can easily become conversation starters (something Em always thinks a room needs at least one of). They can be put on tables, shelves, pianos, you name it. Also, they can add an easy pop of color, essentially be a cool sculpture, and of course, will add a layer or two of texture. I firmly believe that statement lamps are a worthy investment no matter if they are affordable or expensive. If you love it then it’ll be something you keep forever. You bet I’m planning on passing my lighting down to my future kids or nieces/nephews! Man, they’ll be lucky punks one day:)

Ruins Black Ceramic Sculptural Table Lamp: As you can see, this lamp looks pretty cool in Emily’s primary bedroom. The base is an actual piece of art (peep that shape!) and the juxtaposition of the more traditional pleated shade is too good. The two styles blended together in one piece means it can act complementary and as a contrast to a more organic style as well as a traditional one. 10/10 no notes.
Jojo Table Lamp: It’s modern 2024 mixed with a vintage MCM vibe. While green is a neutral color in our book, it can also act as a fun but safe pop of color. Oh, and it’s bigger than you might think which is also exciting! It was designed in collaboration with Zoe Feldman (if you don’t know her designs, GO NOW!) and Mitzi which should only make you feel more confident in the style and quality. I’ve only worked with Mitzi once with this chandelier but I was so impressed with the fixture so I wholeheartedly recommend them.
Bond Lamp: If you’ve been around for a minute, then you know this is a classic Emily Henderson lamp. The blue shade is quiet yet powerful and the shape of the base is so playful yet clean. It’s such a versatile lamp and I’ve never not loved it when Em’s used it. I mean look at it on her old vintage piano?!

Totora Oak Wood Table Lamp: The shape and organic textures are to die for!!! This puppy could easily fit in with so many styles and that shade shape really makes it extra unique. Plus, while not cheap, other lamps with oak bases are typically much more expensive.
Zoe Lamp: I can’t promise this will be the last time I talk about this lamp because that’s how special I truly think it is. I have it in my own home and consistently tell myself it may be one of the coolest pieces I own. The pattern and colors are good. Each wood piece is kept together by elastic bands which gives it an added uniqueness. Whomever I leave this one to will know they are my favorite. JK, but also… 🙂
Como Rechargeable LED Table Lamp: If you are into the “unexpected red theory” then this is a very cool way to do it. This tone of red is so cool and will undoubtedly awaken your space, especially if you’ve felt like you’ve been in a design rut. Plus, it’s rechargeable so you can put it anywhere in your room and not have to worry about needing an outlet for a cord.

Mooney Table Lamp: I’m a sucker for a rice paper lamp and this short and wide cutie is no different. The colors aren’t exactly bold but I think the shape and size are more than enough to make a statement. It’s the perfect option if you have a natural, organic style OR if you have a very boldly colorful style. This lamp could act as a perfect contrast to give your eye a break and pique your interest. Just a thought.
Rigby Table Lamp: This one is such a fun mix of traditional and organic styles what with that stone base. I just think it would be a great addition for someone who wants something cool but not visually too loud.
Tall Table Lamp with Metal Shade: What, you thought I wouldn’t add a purely brass-colored mushroom lamp? It’s a class for a reason. Gretchen even borrowed one of Em’s for her bedroom reveal shoot! The proportions are great and it’s a decent price for something really special if you ask me. A little luxe never hurt anyone:)

Candelabras And Candleholders

Another category that I’m sure is of no surprise. We LOVE candelabras and candlestick holders. Here is a whole post I dedicated to it. But truly this is maybe the most affordable decor piece to have in your styling arsenal. It can add instant sculpture, instant color (be it the holder or the candlesticks), and when lit, instant ambiance. This is another category I have “over-collected” as I have rarely met a candelabra or candlestick holder I haven’t wanted for my own. So with that in mind let’s start with candlestick holders…

Asker Black Wood Taper Candle Holders: Do I even need to say anything? They’re perfect. A modern shape in an organic material. Love, love, and love. Put ’em on your mantle, put ’em on your table.
Stoneware Candlestick: What a cool and interesting shape that can absolutely stand on its own. No need to make a little duo or trio:) Oh and for $20 what a steal!
Venezia Glass Taper Candle Holder: If you really want to play with great shapes, this trio is so good! You can use them to lean into your MCM style or play with some contrast and add them into your traditional style home. The sky’s the limit.

Now let’s get into these candelabras!

SIN Weylyn Candelabra: Maybe the most famous candelabra from this and last year! It’s so pretty and cool and holds six candlesticks. It absolutely will make a statement but can easily be “quiet” if you choose more neutral candles. Also, if you love it but wish it came in black you are in luck because it does:) Oh, and Emily has one and boy is it so pretty in person.
Stoneware Candlestick Vintage Mexican Tree of Life Ceramic Candle Holder: There are so many cool vintage options on Etsy, like this Oaxacan candleholder (whoops though it was a candelabra but it’s too pretty to not include). It’s really special don’t you think??
Luxe Double Taper Candle Holder: Affordable but looks expensive – what an ideal combo! Love the mixed materials, the color tones, and look at it in action in Arlyn’s kitchen🙂

Beautiful Trays

right: photo by tessa neustadt, from: our modern english tudor living room | left: photo by sara ligorria-tramp, from: my living room update

We’ve been promoting the use of trays for um…ever. They are a stylist’s secret weapon. They corral things, they add beauty, and you can find great ones on every budget! What’s not to love?! They are great in the living room, entry, kitchen counter, bathroom, bedside table, and more. I think I counted seven just in my one-bedroom apartment so you know I’m being sincere.

I thought it would be fun to show you how Emily styled her old LA living room with three different trays in four different versions!

right: sara ligorria-tramp, from: a quick update: the changes i’ve made to my la living room | left: sara ligorria-tramp, from: living room update – again

They all add a layer of texture and visual interest (even a focal point) and keep the coffee table from having a bunch of bitsy things that tend to look like clutter if you aren’t careful. Also when there’s a credenza on the right wall of her living room, the large black tray keeps all of the bar things together and organized:)

Ok, onto our recommendations…

Bon Wooden Tray: I am currently looking at this tray because it lives on my desk and I couldn’t love it more. All credit goes to Emily Bowser who brought hers to style with for my reveal shoot. I immediately knew that this desk needed to have one for itself so I hit add to cart FAST. I have the large size, which is incredible, but if you love the style but need something small don’t worry, you have options. It also comes in a natural oak.
Reverie Tray: I have also seen this one in person and in action! My cousin bought the large size for her living room to act almost as a serving tray more than a decorative one. It sits on top of a stack of padded stools to set drinks on but they also grab it and use it on their sectional for the same reason. Their sofa is very deep, so it’s a very stylish solution to not having to reach to the coffee table for your drink or snack when they are sitting more towards the center corner.
Black and White Marble Decorative Checkered Tray: A tray is a perfect place to add some pattern! And this black and white check one is fun, classic, and very cool.

Footed Marble Countertop Tray: I still can’t get over that this tray is only $25! I saw it in person at Target and if I didn’t already have seven trays in my house (and no place to put it…yet) I would have swooped it up. The feet are so cute and I love that stone color.
Decorative Serving Tray: Simple, elegant, and will work with almost any style. The wood tone is so pretty and it’s under $50!
Benjaman Metal Tray: I just really loved the lines of this guy and the fact that the lip is suuuuper minimal. It’s little details like that make something simple look a little more special.

Big Decorative Bowls

In the same family of the tray is a big bowl. I’ll be focusing on large, centerpiece-like bowls but little catchall bowls are also such a great styling piece. But a large bowl is definitely going to make a bigger impact, duh. They are another piece that can be used in so many areas of the home but also act as a sculpture depending on the shape of the bowl. Take that footed bowl on the coffee table in the family room of the Portland Project. It looks like a piece of art while also having the ability to hold something if needed. Then obviously, a dining table is a classic spot for a large bowl because it covers a decent amount of space but also usually having some height for visual weight.

Valentia Crackled Ceramic Decorative Bowl: This one very much mimics the one on Emily’s coffee table in her living room reveal. The movement is so beautiful and the organic feel of the material, I think, makes it really versatile.
Turmont Pedestal Bowl: All hail the footed bowl. Like I said, it marries function and height which automatically makes it look like a sculpture. And this blue color is so stunning. 10/10
Alura Black Ceramic Decorative Centerpiece Bowl: The chunky lip and cool texture make me feel things. It’s a very chic piece with a lot of presence (that could also act as a try if you wanted).

Decorative Boxes

Unless you are better than most of us (ha), having a little box or two to hide random things away is SO helpful. It’s like a tray in terms of its “corraling” capabilities but even better in some ways because you don’t have to look at what’s inside. Plus a pretty box is a great opportunity to play with adding in a cool shape, pattern, and/or material. They are great to put on a shelf, console, or even a coffee table for those less-than-attractive remotes.

Fiore Box: I mean it’s so pretty! I love the roundedness of it and all that texture. Maybe not great for a remote but would be so pretty on a shelf, nightstand, or bathroom counter!
Shagreen Box: Simple, versatile, and affordable. Right up our alley! It comes in two sizes that are both great options and I just think it looks so great for the price.
Coffered Inlay Box: I really love a patterned box and this one is no exception. I’m also pretty sure we’ve recommended it before and it also comes in two sizes. The perfect pop of pattern for those who don’t want “too much” pattern. Go here for more anti-pattern assistance:)

Round Pillows

The sphere pillow is a new staple that we feel real good about. Its rise has been undeniable over the past few years and for good reason. It’s a fun shape that doesn’t feel too risky like say, a triangle. It also just looks modern and chic when done right. We might be biased but the two places Em used them in her house are excellent examples:) They are great on an accent chair but can also be paired with other pillows on sofas and beds.

Striped Velvet Ball Pillow: Sarah Sherman Samuel knows her pillows and this striped cutie is exhibit A. It’s another version of the one in Em’s bedroom so we can wholeheartedly recommend it. And you bet I’m eyeing one for my house.
Palle Shearling Decorative Sphere Pillow: Actually, I am also looking at this one! The color is so stunning and that texture is GOOD. But then again, Athena Calderon is another designer that always kills it:)
Terre Velvet Sphere Throw Pillow: But if you want to keep it simpler, this solid blue option is so pretty, gives you a pop of color while still staying pretty neutral.

design by jess bunge | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: jess’ living room reveal

But just because we love a sphere doesn’t mean we don’t still love a round accent pillow, especially these newer chunky disc-like ones that have been gaining traction for a minute too. It’s just nice to throw in a pillow without a right angle, you know?

Velvet Round Throw Pillow: Emily is a big ole fan of this one for its style and price! I mean for $22 how can you beat it?! She does mention that it’s definitely a decorative pillow and not a comfy one, FYI.
Round Pomp Pomp Cushion Decorative Pillow: I love a neutral pom pillow! It’s playful without feeling too young. Of course, there are great colorful pom pillows but I think we can all agree not all are created equal. This one, however, is great and handmade from Etsy!
Velvet Disc Pillow: If you saw Em’s April Fool’s toilet styling post then you’ve seen this pillow in cream. She loved it so much that she bought two! The structure is really elegant and cool. Another SSS design that we can’t get enough of.

Throw Blankets

Obviously, we weren’t going to leave out throw blankets:) They add instant cozy, texture, and pattern if you so choose! There are also a ton of ways to style a throw. Two ways are styled above and here is a video of Emily showing a few more of her “throwing techniques.” Enjoy!

Checkered Wool Throw: Graphic, moody, and neutral. This would be just a great pop of pattern that wouldn’t take over the room color-wise.
Marta Throw: We love a blue throw over here and this one is beautiful! A little less graphic than the first one but would add a perfect amount of visual texture. It also comes from a great company.
Textured Grid Lines Dobby Throw Blanket: If you love texture but are not a fan of bold patterns then this could be a great option for you. It also comes in other colors and is affordable.

Stillwater Floral Quilt: Emily recently bought this quilt for the back of one of her living room sofas and it looks so perfect. Since it’s a quilt, it’s not an easy throw-and-go blanket and is better for adding interest to the back of a sofa or folded nicely on the chaise of a sectional.
Pampas Ivory Striped Waffle Oversized Throw Blanket: I love the simplicity of this one because those black stripes pop the perfect amount. It’s on my personal list of things I want:)
Eleanor Pritchard Dovetai Throw: Here is an EHD classic that Em has used a bunch. She loves a graphic throw and this one is perfect in that regard. Plus the colors are so pretty and would add a good amount visual weight to a sofa, chair, or bed.


Is there anything like a good vase? Especially when there’s a beautiful floral arrangement (or big awesome branches) inside of it? A vase is where you can get playful because the stakes are so low here. You can find awesome vases at almost any price point and if you want to switch them out or move them to another location in your house, it’s easy and fun! But when choosing one for your space it should at least have one of these things: a cool shape, a great color, or an awesome pattern. Of course, you can have two or all three at once but to have them look like a statement piece, go for at least one.

LG Double Clover Vase: This potentially perfect vase has really been making the rounds at the farmhouse. It’s been in the living room, Em’s bedroom, and in her bathroom. And guess what? It looks perfect in every space. It’s a piece of art in and of itself, is large, and neutral enough in color that it can work almost anywhere (but it comes in a TON of other colors). Plus B Zippy is just a cool artist that you should support if you can!
Imre Black Ceramic Vase: Simple but bold if you ask me! The shape is good and the texture adds that something extra.
Verso Table Vase: What a color! And the handles are great too. I love the idea of putting this in a fairly neutral room because it would be unexpected but awesome.

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: portland project dining room reveal

Dark Grey Putra Vase: Do I even need to say it? What a shape and what a piece of art. Flowers not needed but always welcome:)
Large Glass Vase: This is from H&M! There are a few different sizes but I love this large one so much. The pattern feels cool and organic but the fact that it’s made of glass makes it feel also perfect for a more refined, traditional style home.
Plateia Medium White Earthenware Vase: I’m a big fan of that modern-looking lip and the overall presence of the vase. It’s just cool and oh-so versatile.

Neutral Patterned Rugs

styled by getteline rene | photo by mark weinberg | from: it’s here! our first ehd collection with rugs usa (+ why now? and why this?)

Ooh baby do we love a graphic neutral rug. It’s all of the pattern and texture you want without the visual overwhelm. So while we definitely aren’t saying that a rug and a vase are on the same level of “swapability,” a rug can be a massively impactful styling piece that technically could be swapped out easily enough if you wanted. Much easier than a new wall color for example. Curtains are in the category too but we prefer to focus on rugs since they aren’t in your direct eye line and it’s less of a risk to go for a pattern. This was a big focus when Em and I were creating our first Rugs USA drop. We wanted to primarily focus on fun but neutral-toned rugs (remember blue is a neutral to us:)). Ok, let’s see some rugs.

Merrick Tasseled Cotton and Wool Area Rug: Are we biased? Well yes, yes we are! This rug has sold out a few times and we couldn’t be happier about it. We think the graphic pattern and two-pile construction make for such a cool yet not overwhelming rug. Oh, and this is the rug my dad bought for any Les Bunge fans out there:)
Citra Grey Hand Knotted Wool Rug: Now this rug is not one of ours but we’ve used it in so many projects (my old living room being one) that we feel very close to it:) It has worked with so many styles that it’s a rug I plan on keeping forever.
Raleigh Striped Jute Area Rug: This jute was another one of our favorites from our first collection. A little bolder with the heavy black stripe but is balanced out by the warmer tan jute!

Drink Tables

While drink tables are not new, they are another decor item that’s totally taken off in more recent years. It’s a small little piece of furniture that is easily moved around for function and can easily add some visual drama. Plus they are so great for small spaces and can be used as a chic plant stand if you want (which is what we did in my friend’s bedroom above). We are all huge fans and here are some current good ones.

Ciccio Green Marble Side Table: What a chic way to bring in a little color and pattern! It’s understandably the most expensive of the three but a real showstopper. It’s going on my list.
Gideon Drink Table: I love this one too. The texture of the black wood is subtle but awesome and how cool is that shape?! It almost doesn’t even look like a drink table and could easily be a cool piece of art.
Round Pedestal Table with Weighted Base: This one is simple, cute, and under $40. Win, win, win!


Last but certainly not least are objects. Now an object can really be anything. Heck, when I was living in NYC I grabbed a cool-looking piece of cement that had been jackhammered out of the ground and placed it on my shelving unit circa 2014. I loved it! Their function is to add interest to a room and make it feel even more layered. Ideally, they are things that have sentimental meaning but collecting those can take a long time to acquire and you should! But in the meantime I have no shame in buying beautiful things I love to look at because for me that also makes me very happy. Add objects to your shelves, on your coffee table, a credenza, or even on the floor if you’re like me (see above – objects galore). Here are some of our current favorites if you want some inspo…

Alba Wood Sculptural Object: Love the mixed materials, the height, and the vintage inspiration! Such a great piece to mix and match with other pieces.
Talisman Stone: The first time I ever saw a beautifully wrapped rock was at Emily’s and now I’ll forever be a fan (much cooler than my cement chunk:)). Perfect to place on top of a stack of books or place on your coffee table.
Ceramic Organic Modern Loop Sculpture: Target is honestly a great place to look for cool and affordable objects and this one is no exception.

Infinity Object: This cutie is much bigger than it looks and is COOL. It reminds me of the brass sculpture I have which I really love. A little brass accent is a nice thing to have in your home:)
Wilkinson Abstract Figurine: I know this one won’t be for everyone but I love it! It’s cool, a little more unique than your average object, and makes me smile! See what I mean? I don’t need every object in my house to have a unqiue story of how I found it if it genuinely makes me happy looking at it.
4 Wood Finials: I wholly endorse using vintage finials as decor. They come in so many shapes and sizes, can be found at awesome prices, and they will add some soul to your space instantly. If you look at the top of my window trim in my office I put a bunch that I found at the vintage shop up there! It’s a fun little unexpected moment that I love.

Well, this turned out to be a VERY big post but I truly hope it was helpful and got you excited about styling up your home. Of course,I didn’t include things like vintage art or plants but those are much more “find in person” things:) Happy styling!

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp, | From: LA Living Room Reveal

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