The Link Up: Em’s 3-Step Simple And Effective Skincare Routine, Mal’s Cute “Good For Walking” Sandals, And Maybe The Coolest Tree House We’ve Ever Seen

The Link Up: Em’s 3-Step Simple And Effective Skincare Routine, Mal’s Cute “Good For Walking” Sandals, And Maybe The Coolest Tree House We’ve Ever Seen

Happy Sunday everyone and Happy Father’s Day! We hope that if you are lucky enough to spend it with your dad or father figure it’s a truly great day:) And what a week it’s been for the EHD team! The Portland crew is all done shooting the river house (empty), Jess got her BEAUTIFUL new custom bed from Buildlane (THANK YOU!) so she will never again sleep on the floor, and Mal is officially an LA resident again!!! Lots of gratitude all around. So to keep this happy feeling going, let’s get to these links…

This week’s house tour is maybe the most colorful house we’ve ever linked up! It’s nearly impossible to describe but will put a smile on your face so you just have to go see it for ourself. Do that here!

From Emily: I have frustratingly famously dry skin. I also hate traveling with full-sized bottles (I’m a carry-on gal) so when I’m on trips I let my skincare routine totally fall off (so dumb). Recently after I came back from a 5-day vacation, where I only put on basic moisturizer and SPF and my skin was extremely unhappy (blotchy, bad texture, and so dry). So I bought these glass capsules full of hyaluronic acid and peptides, and it’s been an absolute noticeable difference. But one thing that I’ve been told over and over is that if I don’t exfoliate enough (with a mild exfoliant) then the moisturizer or serum can’t even get into my skin. So I used these Pixi glow pads first and then followed it up with the serum, then my Summer Friday’s Cloud Dew and my skin is SO HAPPY. It’s extremely soft and smooth, totally clear, the bad texture is gone. Even Alyssa, my hair and makeup artist, was like “Woah, your skin is really happy”. I do not like a long nighttime skincare routine (I admire all of you who can do it) but this combination is easy to stick to: exfoliant + serum + moisturizer.

From Caitlin: I had a blast reading this piece in Dwell about a family who built a fully-permitted, fox-shaped, treehouse-meets-ADU in their backyard – BY THEMSELVES. From scratch. (And we’re talking scratch here – like, “hand-milled shingles with an 1800s saw blade” and “design custom lighting with a woodland theme” kind of scratch here.) You can see a few more photos of their process and of the finished project on Instagram here – I just really admire it when people go for it, you know?

From Jess: Never did I think I’d be recommending a protein drink but here we are! I’m really trying to up my protein (it’s not easy…at least for me) so when I came across these coffee protein drinks called Slate at Erewhon (don’t judge me!) I thought I would give them a try. They are plant-based, have almost no sugar plus lots of other things I liked. Oh and have 20g of protein per can:) I put them over ice and honestly really like them. I’ve only had the mocha and salted caramel flavors from my energy variety pack but so far it’s been great getting my caffeine for the day and a boost of protein in at the same time.

From Gretchen: I mentioned it last week, and I meant it–I need some new shoes!! Do I have 8 million pairs already? Yup. I sure do. But I wear my shoes to death and there are quite a few pairs that simply cannot be resurrected. For everyday shoes, I need ones that I can slip on and off easily at work. Because of this I usually gravitate toward a Birkenstock or a simple sandal (like this cute pair I just bought from Target). But sometimes I want my toes covered, you know? Sometimes I want to feel a little more “put together” without the need for a heel or a blister-inducing back-strap. So I went hunting for some polished-looking slide-on shoes and found these adorable, backless Mary Janes from Madewell! I love the material, the color (name something Spiced Olive and I’m in), plus the M.J. style is just so cute! But these are even better because they’re like mullet ballet flats, with business up front, and a slip-on-and-go (blister-free) party in the back. Score!

From Mallory: As the days are heating up, I’ve been reaching for sandals for the first few days this season and I was reminded just how much I love these summer sandals. I have them in a darkish brown and I’m thinking of purchasing them in a nude or bone because I always end up wearing them on warm summer days!! They’re SO comfortable so you can walk for long periods of time in them with no problem and they’re velcro which is ideal because I just don’t have the time or the energy for a buckle. Highly recommend if you’re in the market for some new summer sandals!

From Arlyn: It’s a prerequisite to have at least two chambray shirts in your closet as an EHD writer. I’m kidding (sort of), but my go-to button-down recently croaked so I had to replace it as it’s something I grab basically every week. I used to have a super soft one from Loft years ago, and I was so happy to find a similar one on sale. Their sizing is generous, so keep that in mind but it’s roomy without being baggy, has a split hem with a slightly longer back to cover my tushy in leggings, and feels so light in the summer heat that suddenly hit LA.

As always, thank you for reading! See ya tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Jess Bunge | Styled by Emily Bowser | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Jess’ Communal Patio Reveal – Beautiful Outdoor Furniture, Some Great Flea Finds, And Of Course… A DIY Dad Project

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