The Link Up: Em’s Two “Can’t Put Down” Novels, Alryn’s Trunk Organizer, And A Great Oil Cleanser

Happy Sunday everyone! Can you handle how wonderful the Farmhouse’s guest bathroom turned out?!! All of us (well, the LA gals) can’t wait to see it finished in person. Aside from that, we have another exciting shoot happening this coming week so only good things ahead over here. Ok, link time!

This week’s house tour, by the great Arent&Pyke team, was a VERY happy surprise when it popped up on our Instagram feeds. It’s full of subtle patterns, lots of textures, crazy special details (look at that kitchen!), and Jess’ 3-D wall art trend prediction strikes again!! Go check it out here.

From Emily: Two books that I couldn’t put down: Maybe Once, Maybe Twice. This book is a rom-com in multiple timelines (first love + love triangle = two of my favorite tropes). It’s so well written, with really good dialogue and characters that I LOVED so much (set in New York, in the music and entertainment industry). Just an overall feel-good love story that is hard not to enjoy and I looked forward to it every night. #2: Yellowface. This is an inside publishing thriller that I FLEW THROUGH. If you read American Dirt and followed the controversy around it (white author, whose novel was about the Mexican immigration experience) then from what I’ve read, this book was meant to be a response to that (in the AAPI world). It was so good, thought-provoking, very entertaining/fast, and yes, cringy. So cringe. Brian and I both flew through it (he did audio, I read it) and loved it. We are moving on to Demon Copperhead next, finally!

From Jess: It’s now been seven weeks since I officially started my “hair journey” and I can happily report it feels better than ever. Even my hairdresser noticed the improvement before chopping off nearly 4 in. While that amount of hair may be nothing to some people it’s a pretty devasting amount to me. But I also hadn’t cut my hair in a year, while simultaneously not taking any extra care of it, so that’s what I get (and needed). Historically, my hair grows sloooow but I’m hoping that can be a thing of the past with my new regime. However, with a decent amount of research, I’m now adding in a hair serum which is something I can use more than my weekly oiling/mask routine. This is the serum I decided on if you want to join in. I’ll report back in 3 months!

From Arlyn: My car’s trunk and I have a long, complicated history. It’s either my personal dumping ground or it’s a pristine temple. There is no in-between. Lately, I’m sad to report it’s gotten quite messy, with small things and reusable grocery bags and toddler books and umbrellas and bubble wands tumbling around back there. I bought this trunk organizer that hangs off the back seat’s headrests and didn’t install it for a while. Well, I finally did this week (it took literally 30 seconds), and I already feel SO much better about the space. Organizing messy things makes me happy, especially when I’ve been putting it off for weeks…months…years.

From Caitlin: Okay, I’m converted. Never thought that using an oil cleanser would be for me, but IT ROCKS! I grabbed this Hanskin oil with PHA (basically suitable for folks with dry or rough skin, like me – it’s a gentle exfoliator) back in October and it’s been AWESOME over the past 5 months. I’d assumed oils would leave me feeling greasy, but the hydration melts into my skin like butter AND it cleans, too! When I wash it off, my skin feels bright and clean and moist instead of stripped and taut (you know the feeling!). I grab mine here (or from my local market – shoutout Ktown!), which I’d recommend – Amazon doesn’t have the best reputation for shipping authentic Korean products, so it’s nice to guarantee that I’m getting what I paid for. (And if you’re new to Korean skincare, their website is SO simple and easy to understand. It’s what I used to build up some product vocab and knowledge before heading into my own local K-beauty storefront!)

From Mallory: I have a couple of old sweaters that I love which are lookin like they’ve been through the wringer so my mom told me about this sweater shaver device. You glide it over your sweater and it gets rid of all the little bally things that pile up over time and it leaves them lookin brand new. Check it out if your sweaters need sprucing!!

From Gretchen:  Every time I scroll through Instagram, the same guy comes across my feed–and I’m not mad about it! His videos have me in a chokehold and I always find myself watching to the end. An easy follow for me! His account is @hansloreidesign and on it he shares a plethora of interior design tips and insights. The information is clear, beautiful and easy to follow, plus there is something about his delivery that is so calm and convincing. Usually green screening in front of a collection of stunning inspiration photos, he’ll share larger design concepts or shuffle through his favorite pieces and explain why they work, leaning heavily on great visuals to get his point across. A really great feed for those of us who can’t get enough of all things interiors!

Thanks for stopping by and see y’all tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Emily Henderson and ARCIFORM | Photo by Kaitlin Green | From: Our Guest Bathroom Reveal – A Jewel Box That Makes Me So Darn Happy

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