The Link Up: Em’s TV SHOW OF THE SUMMER (A True Must-Watch), Caitlin’s Sweat Proof Product, And A Sun Hat Men Will Love

The Link Up: Em’s TV SHOW OF THE SUMMER (A True Must-Watch), Caitlin’s Sweat Proof Product, And A Sun Hat Men Will Love

Happy Sunday everyone! We hope that most of you (who live in the States) got to rest or have some fun on Thursday. We are big ole fans of a short week:) We know that we took off a couple of days but we promise that next week will make up for it. So in the spirit of keeping things short let’s get to these links!

This week’s house tour is a beautiful kitchen from deVOL! That deep olive green is so inviting the taupe of the island is a nice contrast to the green cabinets and dark wood floors. This space was actually a new addition to a Victorian terrace but the homeowner did a beautiful job ensuring that it didn’t “feel” new. The textiles are also so good. That pop of red is perfect.

From Emily: THE TV SHOW OF THE SUMMER. Yes, I love my summer dresses and my new platform sandals are still my favorite walking shoes but the real golden girl of the summer is the show My Lady Jane – a better Bridgerton romance-y series on Amazon Prime with a clever/snarky tone, total eye candy and enough steam to make my lashes extensions drip slowly off my cheeks. Gemma Burgess and Meredith Glynn are two female showrunners (the female part of it is noteworthy, sure, but what is more of note is their extreme talent, causing me to double down in my support) and they brought a tone to this show that is highly entertaining and addictive (impossible to accomplish, imho). The two leads have extreme chemistry (or is that the product of great direction??), the production design and costumes delight the eyes the whole time (same production designer as Bridgerton!) and the script is so oddly smart, like the thoughts you wish you had in your head all day every day. I’m only 4 episodes in and I’m waiting for everyone to be out of my face so I can get back to my show tonight. It’s a world I want to live in. Congrats to Gemma and Meredith (directed by Jamie Babbit, another female) for having brains that can birth this level of artistry and entertainment. WATCH THIS SHOW “My Lady Jane” on Amazon Prime NOW.

From Gretchen: For whatever reason, I have been dealing with breakouts galore this summer! Be it a hormonal shift, all that summer sweat, or my sheer inability to curb my crazy sweet tooth, I keep waking up with new blemishes on my face. And when that happens my saving grace is the Clear Fit Master Patch from COSRX. Pimple patches are all the rage (because they legitimately work) but these are especially great because they camouflage to be nearly invisible! I can stick one of these on my face and go about my day without feeling like I’ve got a big target on my forehead. They stay on all day and by the time I peel them off, my spot is virtually gone! Highly, highly recommend these sweet stickers.

From Mallory: GUYS. So, as some of you know I moved into a cute new apartment in Los Feliz (YAY) but it’s now time to buy a lot of basic essentials and what nots for the new place. I love to cook so I’m snagging some pretty and functional kitchen items – one of which was this GORG pepper grinder. Peugeot pepper grinders are literally the best (IYKYK but also if you don’t, now you do) so I was so happy when I found this light pretty wood. The quality is amazing and I will love her til the end of time!

From Caitlin: I’ve long sung the praises of Megababe, but I am officially the new unpaid spokesperson for their Body Dust and Dust Puff Duo. I started woodworking earlier this year and I love spending time in the shop, but it doesn’t have air conditioning, fans, or operable windows…so it gets HOT.  I threw on some of this dust last Saturday before a 9-hour workday in 90+ degree temperatures and I kid you not: I was the ONLY PERSON at the shop who didn’t sweat through their clothes. Did I turn red? Yes! But did my shirt stay dry? SURE DID. I normally don’t mind sweating, but sometimes you just prefer if everyone didn’t know that your back and your under-boob are turning into human slip-and-slides. Squeeze some dust into the box, swirl it around with the puff, rub it on before you get dressed, and you’ll be good to go all day – just like magic.

From Arlyn: Don’t you love giving a gift that someone didn’t know they wanted or needed and it ends up being something they grab almost every day? I DO, TOO! My husband prefers to shield his face from the sun and his go-to straw beach hat broke so I knew one of his Father’s Day gifts had to be a new sun hat. After reading reviews and assessing prices, I went with this one from The North Face and he LOVES it. I mean, is he going to be winning any fashion awards with this? Of course, he will. And also, it’s super lightweight, packable, comes in 8 colors and is unisex so frankly, I might be getting one for myself soon, too.

From Jess: The hair product recommendations are coming back! I decided to try a new HIGHLY recommended leave-in conditioner and really love it! I think mixing up your products is important and I really love how this one makes my hair feel and look – soft and shiny:) If you’re looking for a new leave-in try this one!

Hope everyone has a great rest of their Sunday and see y’all tomorrow for a fun update! xx

Opening Image Credits: Home of Sam from The Flint House | Design and Photo by deVOL

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